I'm from Bosnia, need help, DT1

I’m Tarik, from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have Diabetes Type One, since i was nine.
Sorry for bad English, if you dont understand something write me email, or conntact me on facebook Tarik Bulbulusic.
This is my story.
When I was nine doctors diagnosed me diabetes type one, they put me on insulin immediately. First that was some kind of easy insulins. Two type of them. Then they give me Levemir and NovoRapid, after that put me on Lantus - NovoRapid, Then i get pump and i put in pump just NovoRapid, and when NovoRapid start to get me in hypoglycaemia they give me Humalog, but before 5 months they move me back to NovoRapid.
When I get diabetes, my country helped me regulary. They give me 170 Euros ( for healthy food ) per month for my disease, they give me 150 ticket for glucko meter per month. And they give me one injection of Glucagon, for free. I was been a 100% Invalid.
But when i was 12, they said ( country said ) that I’m better ( But i wasn’t ) and move me down to 80% Invalid. Then They start to gave me 120 Euros, 150 tickets for glucko meter and they dont want to give me injection of gluckagon, i have to buy it, 25 Euros.
When i was 15 years old, they again move me down to 60% Invalid ( For country my diabetes magically disappeard ) They stop giving me money for healthy food, but they still give me 150 tickets for glucko metter and they again refuse to give me Gluckagon injection for free I again must to buy it and hope to dont use it.
Now when i passed 18 years,for my country i have diabetes but they treat me like a old man with diabetes type 2. They dont give me money, and gluckagon. They give me ONE ticker for glucko metter per day. And it’s not just me, that happend to all my friends with diabetes type one who pass 18 years old.
I get insulin pump when i was 12. They regulary give me all equipment for my pump until now. Now I’m going to school, gymnasium, so i can’t work. And they keep giving me equipment for my pump, but when i Finish my school they will stop giving me anything except one ticket for gluckometter per day.
My father and my mother work, both. Father’s salary is 300 Euros, and my mother salary is 300 Euros ( max. )
They have to separate money for my pump, my glucko metter tickets, and for healthy food about 350 Euros per month.
And they are humans too, they have to eat, to clean themselffs and all other things.
Now situation in my house is impossible.
I want to live life, not to dream life. I have diabtes i dont’ choose to have it, noone of us dont. I write this to get any help with anything, glucko meter tickets, insulin pump equipments, anything.
I hope you understand my situation and my message. If you dont’, conntact me and ask whatever you want i will tell you.
Please guys, help me, or if you can help every teen in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Situation is impossible for us here.

Hi @tare114,

You should consider yourself VERY fortunate to have your living subsidized by the government; health care, insulin, other medications and food is something persons living with diabetes in the USA must provide for ourselves.

By the time I reached your age I was holding down a full-time job earning a living and paying for all my healthcare, and I continued to work, sometimes two jobs at a time, for over 50 years and didn’t retire until I reached age 70 - all the time managing diabetes well and not considering myself to be disabled.

My suggestion to you is that you get up off your couch and be a man.