IM backkk!

Hy everyone... i went mia from juvenaton about 9 months ago and nowwww im back!! Im looking for people to help encourage me to stay on track and stop messing up wit my diabetes! I miss u all and cant wait to reconnect with u all. plzz add me

welcome back, amber :o) glad to see you hanging around again!

Ditto!  Friend request on the way.  :)

Yayy! Thanks guyys

Welcome back!  I'm newer here.

I was very curious to see who this was. (:

Welcome back, and I hope we can help you!

hey welll not to be mean but im sure there some of us that u dont miss and srry to hear tht u fell off track 

Welcome back!!!  I'll add you, wht not. LOL

Thanks guys! and fredddd yesss i miss u too ... add me

its done talk to me sometime i got something to say to u fyi its nice 

ok fredddd!! :)

Welcome Back, Amber.