"I know mom"

"I know mom" is the answer I give my mom when she tells me something about my diabetes. Have anyone else used that before?

I've posted this before because it's such a great link about the Diabetes Police.  It will help you have a sense of humor the next time someone tries to give you "helpful" advice.  Note that is has a few curse words, so plug your ears if you're not over 18.  


i know a nagging nancy, misinformed matthew,  and a gloomy glenda!

ahhhhhh it seems like every day , or every time i check or something i'm saying that i'm also always saying " i'll be fineeee! " my mom is always on me to keep a glucose checker with me at all times and i get tired of always having to carry it around. although, sometimes when i go out and hang out with friends i can talk her into letting me go without one.

yeah but i do no the things she tells me she acts like i dont no anything about this

yes omg every single day she'll always ask check ur suger, punch it in and everytime i always say "i know mom" and sometimes i give her an attitude because she wants me to be more independent but she is always "there" and also its like she doesnt trust me to be able to do it on my own, iv had diabetes for 13 years every since i was 3 and it gets me angry when she doesnt trust me.

OMG my BFF and her mom are total Nagging Nancys! They are constantly on my case about my BG, and it drives me crazy! My friend freaks out and tells me I'm a "bad girl" if my BG is higher than  like, 115. I've been 150 (a decent number) and she acts like I am a complete idiot when it comes to my diabetes care. She will tell me that I'm high and I should correct (I explained what all that means to her a while ago). Um, hello? I kinda know what I'm doing. Gah.

thats how i feel sometimes is just say "how long have i had diabetes?" Ive had diabetes almost eight years well in september it will be eight years. But I guess inside I know shes right sometimes because my A1C being 9.9 is unexceptable. All in all shes just trying to help. As my mom says "I NAG BECAUSE I CARE"

OK, to all those who get angry about it, I get frustrated sometimes too, but wouldn't you rather that then your parents or friends not care at all? I have had both kind of friends- the kind who didn't know the time I was 512 that I should correct, and the kind that ALWAYS are asking if I checked my BG before eating anything. Let me tell you, the second is a HECK of a lot better.

haha "we're like snowflakes"

I always say that! I also get VERY annoyed by her asking all the time...