I cannot sleep

So over the past few days I have not been able to sleep. My blood sugar is high at night 19,8-22. It makes me so uncomfortable to think about, because I go to sleep with it being 4.8 and I wake up like an hour later and it’s 19,8. So now I don’t even sleep I just check to make sure my blood sugar is fine. If I were normal maybe I could sleep without worrying if I was going low or high, wouldn’t that be something. Argh but I have to be poisoned with this destructive disease that doesn’t let me live normally. Thanks diabetes

F*** you

Hi there, @supersam101. You are absolutely justified in what you are feeling. T1D can mess you up, and keep you from having a good night sleep. Can I ask you a question? Do you wear an insulin Pump? Is it something you’ve considered? With the new ones, with advanced CGMs, they can “auto” regulate your blood sugar within range, which will help you sleep better. Just a thought.

I’ve had this crap for 36 years, so I totally hear you!
Hang in there!

I do not have an insulin pump. I wish I could have one, but unfortunately you can get one for the lowly price of £3000 Which could buy a car in my country. I also don’t really like the idea of wearing “doctor equipment” and pipes and stuff everywhere I go. If you know what I mean. It’s a bit more under control now but I still don’t like sleep because then I have to test and do everything that any other human being would not.

I understand. They are not for everyone. I can tell you that we all started with the fear of “having something attached all the time,” but most get over it quickly. I’ve been on s pump for almost 18 years now. To me, it’s pretty much just part of me. They are definitely expensive, though.

@BKDesign they are expensive but I would still have to “inject”

Unfortunately, until there is a cure, that will be a reality. But one needle every three days seems to be a better experience than several needles per day.