I am a minimed client for 10 years (on the Revel now and LOVE IT) My baby bro was diagnosed 3 days ago and I am wondering how to get him a pump without insurance? Is there any assistance I can locate for him?

Hello!  I am curious to see if I can helo my little brother get a pump.  I am a T1 and have been using Minimed for 10 years and recently got the REVEL.  I LOVE minimed and highly recommend it.   This pumo has helped with three pregnancies.  I am pregnant now and would only trust minimed during this intense and important time with my diabetes.  This is the reason I so badly want to help my little brother get a pump.  The problem is he doesn't have insurance.  He lives in Seattle, WA.  I wonder if there is a state program that Minimed works with in WA that assists the uninsurred.  He was just diagnosed 3 days ago and My mom nor I can fly out to Seattle to help him get adjusted and stay well at first.  He lives alone and I am terrified for him.  I wish I could afford to helo him buy one out of pocket, but my health costs are high now, especially being pregnant with diabetes.  I would love any resources or suggestions you can provide.

Warmest wishes and kindest regards//Vicky 

call minimed and see if any pumps have been donated. they might be able to give it to your for free or little to no charge.

Just a thought - even if he got a free pump - the supplies are expensive too.