How to wear Medtronic CGM during showers

Hi everyone, I just started wearing my CGM and I love it! My only question is how do you continue to wear it for days while taking a shower. I have been covering mine with the IV3000  sticky bandage which completely covers my sensor and transmitter but water still gets under the bandage while I take a shower. Therefore, I change bandages everyday. I am afraid I will have to go through so many bandages so that I don't get an infection from wet skin underneath. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Paula, when you click in your cgm it is air tight so you dont have to worry. I always have mine taped, but have to change the tape when I come out too. The CGM is made to get wet.

When I first started the IV 3000 and I got along much better with keeping my sensor site dry. Now it tends to flake off especially when I take a really hot shower. I love those. I tried to do an overlapping of two to give the adhesive more skin contact and it worked a little better. I called Medtronic's 24 hour customer service and asked them to send me their tape sample kit which is a bunch of different things to see which one works the best. I know Amanda suggested the Tegaderm. I will be getting the sample kit on Monday so I will let you know what ends up happening. But you can get the sensor wet, the purpose of the IV 3000 from what I was told was to keep the sensor closer to your body without it floppingin the wind so to speak. If water gets under the tape that is fine. If nothing else make sure you change the tape if you reset the sensor for a second 3-day period. I tend to let the skin air out a few minutes before reapplying the IV 3000.

for the 2 sensors i have worn, i have kept the tape on after i shower. it sticks really well to me. but i have only just started the 2nd sensor, so my advice may not be the most trustworthy.


I had the sample kit sent over to me a couple of months ago...

I took a photo of it for my blog

So far I have experimented with the Tegaderm and it has held for over the three days I have had my CGMS attached without peeling or shifting or trying to run away like the IV3000 has been doing lately.

The other day I also found and old IV3000 that my doctor had given me when I was first using the pump and CGMS and the old one worked so much better than the new one. I wonder what they did or changed on the new batch of IV3000

maybe they changed the glue. I remember when I used to use the old IV3000 that it used to make me really red when I took it off. And very itchy.

I guess it's just one of those things where either way you go you are not going to get what you are looking for. I only had issues with redness once with the tape. However, my guess is that they did change the glue and the glue definitly does not like hot showers. I am going on day five with one piece of Tegaderm, set to take it off tonight for a sensor rotation and it held its own.Tomorrow I will try the oval tegaderm and see what happens.

Look for something called Opsite Flexifix made by Smith & Newphew (they also make IV3000).  It comes in a long roll in two widths, either 2" or 4" wide.  You cut the length you need.  I find that this holds best of everything I've tried and I use the 4" rolls.  IV3000 has been the worst.  Tegaderm is my second choice, but the Flexifix really is fantastic.  I rarely have to change it until it's time to remove the transmitter.  I get mine from a seller on eBay for about $34 plus shipping.  The individual dressings like IV3000 can cost $1 each and I always need two of them.

When you insert a sensor or need to cover it with new tape make sure your skin is clean but don't use any type of lotion/moisturing soap or bath gel.  Basic deodorant soap is best.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge. I have been feeling more comfortable everyday wearing my new CGM. I even wore it all day without the IV3000 once. Although I do like the feeling that it doesn't flap around as much with the IV3000 like you said, Brian. Gina, I will definitely contact Medtronic to get the bandage sample kit. Your picture looked great.

Thanks again

Wearing a sensor without the IV3000 is very odd, especially if you are active and the thing is flapping all over the place. Last night I lost a sensor due to my IV3000 melting off of me during my shower. It held great but the run and shower afterwards apparently took its toll on the glue and the thing pulled out on me. Granted I was on day 5 of 6 so it is not a big loss, but still a pain in the butt.

Oh one other thing, Paula when you call for the tape kit, just call the 24 hour support line. They are the ones to help you. I called and it was literally a five minute conversation from begining to end.

I tape mine down with Nexcare Tape. Found it in the grocery store for less than $2. It never comes off on me. My daughter has a pump too and hers does seem to come off after a bath or two.

Thanks, Brian and Ame. I will definitely use all of this advice. I haven't had a chance to call Medtronic yet, been kind of busy.

I had the same problem when I used the IV3000 stuff.  I tried to just leave it, but it made my skin itchy and irritated to have that water trapped under the tape, and when I tried to take it off the tape usually pulled my sensor out.

I got the sample kit of tapes from minimed for free just by calling them, and then I ordered the Tagaderm because it stuck on the best.  It was pretty expensive, but the insurance covered it without a fuss.