How to choose the right pump/CGM

My son is 5 and will be able to get a pump and/or CGM within the next few months. I’ve been looking into all the different pumps but can’t imagine how we will ever decide which one is best! Any recommendations?

Also, from everything I’ve read the Dexcom is the only CGM to buy, would you agree?

Do you feel that having young children wear both pump and CGM is too much? Too burdensome? My son only weighs 40lbs, so I’m struggling trying to imagine him with TWO devices! Help!!

Our son went on the Animas Ping when he was 3.5 yrs. we liked the options the Animas provided and particularly loved the support. I think each pump is probably fantastic. Our nurse tended a bit more towards the Ping so we went with that .
I’ve also been wondering about the CGM but our doctor has expressed the impression it may not be the best option for us especially as our son still struggles with doing new sites. It’s a lot of hardware for little guys to wear and especially with boys it can be a challenge to keep the sites working properly with all the bumps & falls. & wrestling!!

He also out it this way, sometimes more info isn’t always the best thing to have . Getting a BG reading every five minutes may encourage more reactive measures than are really helpful.
However I do know a few parents of young kids that wear CGMs.

Yet again it’s all about what works for your child & what you can manage.

Many of the pump manufacturers will have vendor booths at the Children With Diabetes’ Friends For Life conference in Orlando in July. It’s a great opportunity to see the pumps in person and ask all the questions before making the big purchase. It’s also a great opportunity for you to talk with other parents and for your son to meet other kids his age with Type 1. It’s where my daughter found her new normal. This will be our 3rd yr to attend.

My daughter and I are both Type I DM. I have used insulin pumps for 14 years. Her and I both now have the Tslim pump and Dexcom CGM. I love them both. We both have greater blood sugar control with the 2 devices together. The TSlim pump is a touch screen device similar to a smart phone. I feel it is easier to use than other pumps and has more options with very small increments of insulin. My daughter has autism and she is able to tolerate both attached to her and she is able to control them both as well. The T slim is cheaper for supplies than some other pumps, however some insurance companies will offer better costs on certain brands. My advice would be to check the different pump and equipment websites and read about the different pumps and see which ones you like best then check with Dr and insurance. Some Dr prefer different pumps as well. Good luck and don’t get frustrated if sugars go crazy, just remember tomorrow is another day just get up and try your best and sugars will come down!

My 15 year old son just got a continuous monitor and was lead to believe it would replace pricking. It does not and is not very accurate in my opinion at all. Any comments. He is doing great with his control and use of the pump.

This is a good comparison table listing the advantages and disadvantages of popular pumps and CGM’s I hope you can find this link .

It really helps to go to conferences like Children With Diabetes to see all the pumps and devices in person. Good luck!