How Many Times Did You Check Your Blood Sugar Today?

Just wondered what others were doing,thanks :)

8 so far, Ill be up to 9  by the time I go to bed though lol

3 - getting ready for #4. that will probably be all for today unless i go low.

5 possibly 6

I'm at 3 for today already - will finish between 7 & 10 depending on how the day is going.  I'm sick at the moment with flu-like symptoms, so it will more than likely be 10...

its 12:00 and im about to do check #3 .. by the end of the day it will be 7

It's 11am, and I'm up to 5.  The CGM isn't very accurate today.

I usually test 10+ times per day.

Up to 15, so far, today.

14...about average for me

i'm sitting at 1 today. i'll do another before bed. just wasn't feeling it.

i used to test only when i was eating from when i was first diagnosed at age 7 until about 18. then i had a traumatizing incident and ive been up to 15-20 a day.

My pump says 4...that's fewer than I've typically done at this hour.  Usually I end up anywhere from 6-10 times a day, more frequently 6-8.