How many more times?

i have changed my infusion set 2 times in the last 24 hours. here is the story:

last night i changed my infusion set   because it was time to do that. just as i sat down to eat: beep beep beep! my pump announced i had to change my infusion set again because i was getting no delivery. so i changed it and everything seemed fine until....

at 10:45 this morning I felt something dangling on my back. I grab it and find my infusion set.(i wonder how it got back there. it was on my stomach)

so now here i am wondering what other tragedy my infusion sets will have in the next 24 hours.

Uh-oh, I hate to remind you of the saying:  Everything happens in threes.

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate luck!


     Did you ever notice when things go wrong they go wrong all at once?  Every time I have a problem with my site, it almost always takes more than once to fix it.  I blame it on my Irish "luck".

[quote user="amyl1027"]  Did you ever notice when things go wrong they go wrong all at once?[/quote]



I changed mine yesterday and then I had to change it again today. My canula got bent somehow and a piece of it almost broke off in me. My sugar was high today and I didn't know why. When I went to take a shower I discovered something wet on my infusion site. I put my finger on it and I smelled it and sure enough it was insulin. Instead of my insulin going in me it was going out. So I change it and go to take of the thing that shoots it in ( I don't know what it's called) the tape doesn't want to stick good so I put more pressure on it to make it stick. Hopefully it will stick until Sunday. Maybe my bad luck is almost over. So much for the Irish "luck".

It sure happened in three's for me the time I had site issues! At least, I think it was three... They decided to commit (?) mutiny. Honest.

Oh NO. I loathe this. What makes matters worse is that my insurance only covers exactly enough pump site changes to be changed every three days, and so when the inevitable site issue comes up, I end up short at the end of three months. It makes me extremely frustrated.