How I feel about Type 2

At the risk of sounding like a bit of a jerk, I just have to get this off my chest.

On a few different occasions I've been approached by people my age (early 20s) who have either been diagnosed with Type 2 or told they are developing Type 2. Invariably, these people are overweight or mildly obese. And invariably, they say something to the effect of, "If I get diabetes, we can be diabetes BFFs!" I'm not sure where to announce this, so here is as good as anywhere, but, "No, no you cannot."

Alright, I got that off my chest. It just bothers me so much. I in know way asked for this disease. I always ate healthy. Now, I'm not saying this about ALL Type 2s, just some of them, including the ones I've met, but they played a part in exacerbating their condition.

I have always wondered if other Type 1 diabetics were approached by Type 2s and how they felt about it.

there are 10 times more of them than us.  The media runs stories... and either gets it completely  wrong or confuses the issues.  Even the medical data is skewed and the advice we get is often more relevant to T2's and their predicted outcomes or complications.  whatever.  angry at them.... no not really, disappointed at the rest of the world... yea.

I knew an angry crazy T2 who would rather keep eating apple cobbler and not take her medicine than keep her feet. We were friends, no not DBFF's but friends.  I was one of the only people who wouldn't ride her a$$ for eating cake.  She died about 2002 of the most frightening of diabetic complications.   I diagnosed my buddy myself with my one-touch.  He was mostly pissed about having to eat a special diet... said he would MUCH rather be a T1... and after the gastric bypass he is asymptomatic but still complains about not being able to eat whatever he wants...  and then there's the well intended advice from t2's and their spouses.... "eat apples, lost and lots of apples"....or  " oh your low, do you want  peanut butter"?     ungh.  not anger, just very very disappointed.

if it makes you feel any better, there are some skinny healthy eating T2's out there who didn't ask for it any more than you did....

I had a great conversation with a pre-diabetic in a CVS regarding what carbs were.  and my other friend Johnny and I talked about how to use NPH to lower blood sugar and how it worked.  Those were rewarding conversations but sadly.... mostly.... the conversations and interactions  leave a lot to be desired, and that's why Juvenation is great.  also -   In 30somthing years I have come to understand this:  low and high blood sugar sucks.  period.  doesn't matter what anyone calls it.

I used to be super frustrated by this too, but have since learned to love the Type 2s of the world.  I think they have it much harder because they usually don't get good diabetes education or access to diabetes specialists.  

Your knowledge can really help your type 2 friends.  Ask them where they are struggling and help them find solutions to have better blood sugars.  You should also recommend Riva Greenberg's book "50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life; And the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It."  The author is a type 1  but the book gives current diabetes info that can help either a type 1 or 2.  

I am more with Elie on this.....there is MORE than enough information out there for the T2's and I did not ask for this. They have a choice to make to change their life style of be stuck with the disease.....however I didn't have that luxury.

And Elie, I completely agree with this line:  Now, I'm not saying this about ALL Type 2s, just some of them, including the ones I've met, but they played a part in exacerbating their condition.

I am a hard ass and I know this but I just don't feel any empathy or sympathy for them. Sorry.

And do you know that there are a lot of overweight people out there who DON'T have diabetes?  Do you know that genetics play a role in the development of Type 2, so there is really no type 2 person who TOTALLY brings it on herself?  It's as if all the anger you feel about the unfairness of Type 1 is placed onto Type 2s.  It seems misdirected.  It's not all about the lifestyle.

And once again…this was not directed at ALL type 2 diabetics. I know people from both sides of the fence…but the ones that didnt have to exacerbate (sp) the process then complain about the problem, those I do not feel any thing for.

Oh and this is a complaining session because thats what we can do here with no worries…just saying

The unfair part is when you meet the T2's who choose not to do anything and then complain, and get sick. Like if I had a choice to be on a diet and take pills, like my dad's friend should be doing, i would be doing it. It drove me nuts when I was little. I was the only one in our family since my grandfather who was the first to get T1 passed away long before I came about, and then the first adult figure in my life to also have diabetes was T2 and didn't take care of himself. Furthermore, even tho my grandpa was diabetic, most of my family didn't understand diabetes, and my mom ended up kicking one or two of my aunts out of our house when I was little because they said things like, she must have ate too much sugar. . . ummm. . . I was only a year old, I had only been eating solid food for a few months. . . please explain how I ate too much sugar! My mom wouldn't kick anybody out of the house now, but at the time she was only 28, had just had her second baby, and had to learn how to take care of a diabetic child. It's annoying that people don't realize what we put up with, and how it's different than a T2. I went to Spain for two weeks when I was in high school with a class trip. On the bus ride to the air port I mentioned that I was covered under the disability act and that I might be able to get scholarships for college. One of the girls kind of looked at me and said that she didn't think diabetics should get scholarships or the extra precautions somebody with say CP would get. I explained that we are under a different heading or w/e. anyways after watching me deal with my diabetes and the highs and lows for two weeks, she said to me that it was a lot more work than she could have imagined, that it really effected every part of my life. It was just nice to know that she realized the amount of effort it takes. I don't need people to feel sorry for me, I just want them to realize that it's a lot of work, and not just shrug it off like oh, my grandma, grandpa, dad. . . has it they just take a pill no big deal. It's not that easy for us, it isn't that easy for all t2's either, but from what I have experienced most of them either have it that easy, or let it be that easy. . . ok I'll stop ranting now =)


I'm not trying to say anything definitive about Type 2s. I'm just talking about the facts. Type 1 diabetics can do literally nothing to prevent the onset of diabetes. Type 2 diabetics can. I admit I haven't done extensive research on the subject, but I've definitely done more than enough to conclude that while Type 2s may have had a genetic predisposition, they were in no way fated to get the disease. You simply cannot ignore the statistics. An enormous percentage of Type 2 diabetics are overweight or obese and make unhealthy lifestyle choices. That is not say there are no Type 2s that did what they could as far as prevention and still got stuck with it... I'm sorry to get you riled up. The last think I want anyone to think is that I'm creating a personal attack. But it is frustrating to be lumped in with a group of people who have far greater control over their destiny and who more often than not do little to pave a path to a healthier, longer, more fulfilling life.


I don't think you sound like a jerk.  It is your feelings, and there is no denying that.  We all get frustrated.  I'm sure some T2's get frustrated as us T1's as well.  They might think that we feel we should be more special.  Either way the feelings are true.  My latest encounter with a T2 was with a former co-worker who had been recently diagnosed.  My hubby asked if it was T1 or T2 (he came in late in the conversation) and she said, "Not T1 yet, but it may progress to that if......"  I had had it.  I explained that it cannot "turn into T1 because T1 is auto-immune".  Her daughter was right there and said, "Yes it can, I'm in the medical profession, I know."  BTW - her medical profession is at the opthamologists.  After a six year time period of being told I was T2, only to switch Dr.'s and get told, "Your previous Dr. didn't know what they were doing, there is NO WAY you are T2.  The test results prove it, but it was obvious just by looking at your numbers....."  It is THOSE T2's that really get my dander up. If NOTHING else, she could have said something to the extent of, "I know you've been dealing with this longer that I have, what can you share with me?"  Or even been open minded about the possibility that I really did know what I was talking about?!

Thanks for the venting time!  If I didn't grump now and then I would explode.  :-D  I'm so very thankful to have a place to be able to grump, and I wouldn't trade you guys for anything!



I was agreeing with you. maybe you got me confused with Angie? I only said it wasn't that easy for all T2's as a fact, but other than that it was all about how unfair it is that they get us confused! lol, no worries, i'm not riled up.

Rebecca! I am so sorry. I scrolled up quickly to find her name and saw yours. Oops lol no hard feelings (to either of you)

After posting my "love our type 2 brothers and sisters" message an interesting thing happened.  My husband is an attorney and got a call yesterday from a guy who is young, type 2, has had a leg amputated, lost parents and siblings to diabetes, and still refuses to take care of himself.  He wanted my husband's help to get disability.

I was FURIOUS when I heard the story.  I can't believe someone would do themselves in and then expect to be supported by all of us who pay taxes.  People like that who make all diabetics look bad and perpetuate stereotypes.

And Jenn I also get your point about people who purposefully choose to be ignorant.  I've had D for over 30 years and will still have medical professionals and random strangers treat me like I'm not the expert I am.  I've learned to just end the conversation in that situation because it's a waste of time.


You can't ignore the facts but you sure can misinterpret them.  The primary theory is that increasing insulin resistance (cause disputed) forces Type 2's to create more insulin to control their sugars for a time - this increased insulin production leads to weight gain.  The weight gain causes more insulin resistance - the body can eventually not keep up and medication is required.  Forcing weight loss against these body processes is very difficult.  I'm not sure they have so much more control with the way their metabolism has broken as opposed to ours.



But, A-D, the insulin resistance is, a lot of the time, partly the individuals fault. As is the decision not start losing weight and exercising more once they are diagnosed. I have done research with Type 2's, and it's given me some perspective. Some are just very old people, who eat alright and aren't totally sedentary, but their body just gives out a bit from aging. Others are the "stereotypical" type 2's. One of the subjects I worked with decided to continue exercising after we trained her for a research study (showing that 2 weeks, or 6 sessions of 'High Intensity Interval Training' improves blood glucose in T2's) and is basically no longer type 2 (she didn't have a single reading above 130 mg/dl in when we had her back for a control period). It frustrates me that all people dx'd don't put in the effort she does, because this would be a very inexpensive solution to a HUGE and rapidly growing problem

AMEN I get frustrated about the same thing or the comment "my grandma has diabetes blah blah blah I know everything about it" I also get annoyed when I go to the doctor or a waiting room and see all the posters and info say stuff about Preventing Diabetes or reversing it or whatever, all the info and media is focused on type 2 and to me it looks like all diabetes can be prevented if we watch what we eat and exercise and type one has nothing to do with that!

Right on, Chelsea. I don't like how people immediately assume that I brought this disease upon myself. Then I have to spend a few minutes explaining to them what the difference is, which means a lot of my first encounters with people revolve around diabetes and not the rest of my life..ugghhh lol

I was (before being dx with type 1) at high risk for getting type 2....overweight, had 2 babies over 9 lbs, native american decent (I'm 1/126 Choctaw) and both parents having diabetes. When I found out I actually had type 1 my first reaction was...."that can't be...I should be type 2". I did not ask to have type 1 but my parents (RIP) didn't ask to get type 2 or LADA either.

Ive had a type 2 come up to me and say "Yeah, you hot the worse one. I guess I'm just lucky."

I'm know for being overly nice, but really I just don't want anyone mad at me, so I said yeah. I guess. I was so aggrivated because I wanted to say "Yeah, atleast I didnt do it to myself. Guess I'm just lucky, huh?"

god i totally agree. my friend thinks i'm a jerk for thinking like that?