How I explain why I'm injecting

One day we had some guest over at our house. After we ate dinner i was injecting  my insulin and one of the kids was staring at me and her mother told me to explain what I'm doing. I was thinking to myself why cant you tell her yourself. Then i told the child "I'm a junkie and I'm getting my fix".her mother then looked at me and said "since Ive known you you have not said 10 words to me but you tell my 6 year old daughter your a junkie" and i just laughed. Now it was wrong of me to tell her this but i get tired of explaining it and even if i had explained it she would not have understood      

                                                                 Whats the funniest way you have explained it.?

i told one lil kid that i was tryin to kill myself he was scared

I just tell people I'm doing drugs.

Definitely shooting up. Or else I inform them that I simply enjoy stabbing myself with small pieces of metal.

Ahahahahaha. I think I've told someone that before(: my favorite way to explain it to little kids so it makes sense to them is that it's my medicine I need to stay alive. To my friends I explain the whole diabetes thing to them, and some people already know when they see my pump. My friends tell me to "eat my insulin" because one of them thought I had to EAT it. 

So yeah..

I say I'm doing drugs.... Just be careful not to say that in front of teachers.... That was bad. No trouble though, just a TON of explaining :)