How do I keep my tape from coming off

Hi all! I just started on the 670g a few weeks ago with the CGM, but I have found that the tape to hold em CGM doesn’t like to stick. What are some things people like to use to make it stick or keep from falling off?

Hey! I also use a CGM and I use SkinTac to make it stick. It works super duper well! I also use UniSolve to get it off.

Something I’ve found that works really well is like sports wrap or vet wrap. Sticks really well and is waterproof! Has kept my OmniPod and CGM from falling off numerous times!

I really like Smith & Nephew IV 3000 1-Hand Transparent Dressings. They are transparent, cost about $0.33 each, they stick well and are pretty easy to remove.

Skin Tac made just for this type of device works great!! Used for years every time​:grin::+1:

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IV prep pads or alchohol pads to get a good clean start and then if it starts to loosen on the edges I use the IV3000 6cm x 7cm tape. After that it never comes off

I use grifgrips to keep my cgm and omni pod on. It works really well in the water and in the heat. I put the link below if you would like to look at them.