Honeymoon Period

Just curious, how long was everyone's honeymoon period? I've been a T1 for 13 months now and I keep needing to take less and less insulin. I'm not having to take any Lantus and I'm only taking one unit of Novolog for 50g of carbs now. I guess it's good now, but I keep waiting for things to swing back around the other way.

my daughters was about a month after being dx'ed and lasted a couple of weeks she never went down in her insulin that much before bam right back up.

I have been Type 1 for 13 months as well.  I starting talking 25u of Lantus and am now down to 11u.  I do not have to bolus for breakfast.   It seems like pancreas works in the morning, but hates the afternoon.  I bolus for lunch & dinner, but not for any snacks (less than 15 carbs).  Not sure what to think about all this, but like you, I am always wondering the same thing.


I was diagnosed about a month ago. A few weeks ago I started experiencing frequent lows. With the help of the book Using Insulin I did a basal test and found I needed to reduce my Lantus. I'm now on 8u Lantus and 3u Humalog per meal. I'm wondering if I may need to go lower if my numbers remain low. How did you come to decide to reduce your insulin levels - was it through testing and experimentation or did you talk to your doctor?

I asked my doctor before originally going off of the Lantus. He told me I didn't need it for now and to start taking it again when I consistently start waking up over 120, which hasn't been happening yet. I've been backing off of the Novolog gradually after frequent lows and making adjustments myself.

After about 3 months of continually lowering my doses, I went off insulin completely.  I was off insulin for about 2 months, then my numbers shot up one day and I could not get it to go down for anything.  Now it's been 7 months since I was diagnosed and I'm back on insulin, but still a very small dosage (5 u Lantus, 1:15 carb ratio for Novolog).

I was diagnosed 11 months ago and im actually not on insulin yet, been stalling it with type 2 meds for now and its working thus far, im a strange case tho, not very common. Im hoping it lasts a while longer.

I think I would prefer injecting minimal insulin to taking loads of oral medication.

I was diagnosed 5/09 at the age of 48 and my GAD test was positive for antibodies.  One endo had me take Advandia and Metformin.  I took that for about 8 months and was having a lot of lows, my A1C was 5.1.  I switched endo's and she said since I am type 1 that I should only be on insulin.  So starting back in March I went back to insulin.   Two different endo's two different ways to treat.    I just want to preserve any beta cell function that I have left for as long as I can.  I am thinking that insulin will help me do that verses taking oral medications, but there is no way of knowing.  I use Lantus 11u and Humalog for lunch and dinner.  No insulin required for breakfast which is strange because I have the most carbs in the morning.

My daughter has been "honeymooning" for about 4 months now and we've been adjusting her insulin regularly. She takes 6u of Lantus on the weekends (when she's not as crazy active and running around as much as she does in school), and 4u at night when she's going to school the next day. She takes 1/50 novalog at breakfast (which generally means she doesn't take any at all), about the same for lunch (usually doesn't need any), and 1/20 at dinner.

Her doctor said that we can potentially keep her in the honeymoon phase longer by keeping her levels as consistent as possible, so we plan meals around keeping her nice and level. So far so good! I'm really hopeful that she'll remain in the honeymoon period for a long time because I am not looking forward to the more dramatic highs and lows that seem to occur once the honeymoon is over.

I'm at 7 months now and I'm in about the same situation as your daughter.  I'm doing 5u of Lantus every night and a 1:20 novolog:carb ratio.  It's been steady for me for a few months now and I'm happy :)

It's been awhile, but as I recall, it lasted about a month or two.  My eyesight also improved during that time; I didn't have to wear glasses for a brief period (it improved to about 20/30 while being 20/140 prior - 15 years later, it's about 20/800, lol).

I was diagnosed on April 21st of 2007 and my honeymoon lasted for like almost a year. It was kind of weird because my doctor had never seen anyone last that long without high sugars...when it ended though it was bad...I started taking like 3 times as much insulin as I was. It hit hard and it was crazy.

Mine lasted for about 14 months. At the begining, I only needed to take one lantus shot a day.

I was diagnosed in January. Kind of like Meredith, my situation was a bit different. I found out early in the doctor's office and did not have to go on insulin immediately. In the beginning of May I started to get higher readings and started on insulin. I've been using it ever since. My honeymoon is definitely over... :-(