Home Child Care Provider in Bay Area of CA


After much research for becoming a home child care provider in CA, I learned that you do not need to be licensed if you are only providing care for one other family, but 2 or more families you would have to be licensed.  I know that here in the Bay Area, child care is pretty expensive already as it is, costing at least $1000/month and up to $1800/month on the city side.  Here is my proposal...I am going through my first pregnancy and intend to be a stay-at-home mom with my baby.  I have a lot of experience with children from infants to teenagers, being that my mom has had her own home day care since I was younger and still has it running to this day, my dad is a pediatrician, I helped my sister raise her 1st daughter when she was going through her divorce, and I have had numerous babysitting gigs through high school & college.  Plus, I used to teach drawing classes to elementary students from Pre-K to 5th Grade in an after school program called Young Rembrandts.  I am a Type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump, but have used injections long before too, and have babysat for a T1 diabetic 4 yr. old as well as had a 6 yr. old T1 diabetic in one of my drawing classes.  So, I would love to offer my child care service to a family of low income or a single parent looking for a reasonable priced provider.  I would accept diabetic children and be able to provide the special attention they need with checking their sugars on a regular basis, having timely snacks & meals, exercise, and detailed logs of their days at no extra cost to you (granted you provide all of the child's supplies & medications of course.)

If anyone is in this area and is seeking this kind of service, please feel free to message me for more information.

Thank you.