"high" sugar

My neighbor teaches middle school - 6th and 7th grade.  She invited my daughter, 8 years old, to come in and talk to her class about life with Diabetes.  My daughter gave a great speech about what Diabetes is, and an overview of what she has to do every day.  Her speech included a lot of information about how my daughter (Amber) feels when she is low.  When she was done, a student in the class asked "How do you feel when your sugar is above the normal range?".   Amber replied simply "When I am high, I get really thirsty."  The kids in class were dead silent.  Then I added in "When her blood sugar is high, she gets thirsty."

The kids in class were in middle school, and while my daughter has no idea what the general defininition of "being high" is, these kids did!  They thought Amber was admitting to using drugs! 

Haha, I say stuff like that all the time and when people don't know me, I definitely get 2nd looks. In high school, we had a substitute math teacher one day and I was talking with my friends before class started. I said something about going high, he stopped writing on the board, turned around and looked at me for a couple seconds. The whole class was dying of laughter, since they all understood what I was talking about and he had no idea.

Omgawsh! that happens all the time too me. except I watch from saying that, but my sibs and parents are always like "are you high?". or "You should test" and i always get so worrid that people think Im on drugs, or needing to take a pregnancy test or something, I become SOO embarassed LOL. so I got this thing going so that when my dad or anyone asked me if I should test I would have them say instead " You're shoes need polishing" and I would reply "No they don't" or "I will polish them later" I no longer got looks of disgust, but I got plenty of wierd looks because I dont wear shoes that require or can be Polished LOL. but other things will work :)

Sorry for the long delay in replying, but I couldn't get to the pc for a few weeks.  We are going to have to come up with a "code phrase" soon to talk about this stuff.  I can see my daughter starting to become self concious about it all.  It's good to know how others have solved the problem. :)


I never really thought about how embarrassing this might be for my 14 yr old.  Thanks for the laugh and the insight.  I will have to talk with her about it.

My friend and I were talking and I said I was high, and he got all wide eyed and went "But I thought you were so innocent!!!" and I laughed so hard I nearly cried! He thought I was High, not my BLOOD SUGAR was high! It's a reoccuring joke between me and some of my friends now. XD

Also, I thought it was sort of neat that are names are almost the same and were near the same age!

Anotehr funny thing that happen was that at our eighth grade promotion ceremony my other friend and I sat next to eachother and I realized my blood sugar was low, and when the ceremony was over he asked me If I was sure I was alright and not going to pass out. It was funny cause he was just one of those people who don't really show much emotion, so I thought it was just adorable!

Melissa, That is so funny! One day last year I walked into my gym class and went up to the gym teacher and said I can't do gym today I am high, then he screamed what I had said  to the classes that were in the gym everyone got so silent it was so funny! So everytime I go to say my blood sugar is high but just say I am high my friends yell to the world you are on drugs my parents aren't gonna like me hanging out with a druggie!


there does seem to be the age point where it gets to be just humorous too - i know i've seen a few late teens/ early twenties T1's with the "I only shoot up when I'm high" shirts... 

Great story!



that's a riot!!! leave it to middle schoolers to relate it to drugs!!! lol