High Microalbumin Crt Ratio Test : /

Hey girls,

   Im currently 7 wks pregnant and i had to leave a urine spec at my last appt with my DM doc. It was to check for microalbumin which is protein in the urine. My results came back elevated at 129!!!! The normal range for this ratio is 0-30! Im very scared bc b4 pregnancy i never had a high level! it has always beenn 100% normal.My blood test that checks your kidney function was normal tho, by BUN was11.0 and CR was 0.6.  Im scared that i have some kidney damage. Which could possibly be due to pregnancy. I now have to do a 24hr urine to check for protein. Has anyone else had this happen 2 them????  Please help im very worried:(

There are blood pressure meds that you can take to correct the problem.  Don't stress, just see what your doctor recommends.  

I had protein in urine about 5 years before getting pregnant and had taken Lisinopril with good results.  Had to switch to another drug during pregnancy (Lisinopril is linked to birth defects) .  My "baby" is going to be 6 tomorrow and I have no kidney problems.