High BG and School?

I have been having a hard time managing my Diabetes. My glucose has been extremely high and it’s really getting in the way of my academic performance and mental health. I can’t focus or think straight and have to miss class often. Does anyone have any tips on how I can try and manage my health better? Thank you for your help!

I’m really sorry to hear that @Jasmin,

High glucose knocked me out of college in 1960. You don’t say what your regimens is, so I’ll guess that you are on MDI and a liberal diet .
I suggest, for starters, that you check BG frequently and dose with insulin heavily to compensate for crazy eating… Don’t over dose.

Once you begin leveling off, start eating wisely and modify your insulin

All adjustment must be done with thought. Have a trusted friend keep an eye on you. Also talk with your doctor.

Make sure your teachers know aswell and hopefully they’ll help you out a bit, but your doctor should be able to support you with it, I’ve got a nurse who’s been amazing and helps me organise everything with uni!

hi @jasmin,

it’s really hard to tell if you are in HS or college, so if you are in HS then a 504 plan will help you get the accommodations necessary for you to deal with diabetes and study/tests/etc. If college, then you will likely have to deal with your classes and professors 1 on 1. I get it, when your blood sugar is swinging wildly, it’s hard to think. if you are recently diagnosed…it’s hard to think.

if you are having a hard time with insulin - going to (or back to) a CDE is a great way to start. you want a plan with works with your life and schedule. hope you have access to medical support. -Joe

@jasmin…I know what you’re going through because after 45 yrs, this is something I still go through at times. It’s like I get into these weird ruts where no matter what I do, I run high without a clear cut reason.
For me, it can be emotional stress, underlying virus, infection, something I ate, even two weeks before my period. When I get into a rut, I try to think of any-thing that might be causing it. Then for about a week I write down my numbers, things I ate, insulin dosage, activities, how I feel mentally and physically. I try to see a pattern. Usually I can pinpoint what’s going on, but if not, I email my notes to my md and get his opinion. Sometimes after about a week, I fall back into my usual numbers without a reason. Being a student with high bg’s is really hard. You’re probably tired, lethargic, and just feel off. I’ve always been active, but when I started college and dating, I never had enough time and stopped exercising. I don’t know your time constraints, but I’m sure not feeling well and everything going on in your life, exercise is the last thing you want to do. But it can make a difference and help with stress and bg control.(I can hear you groaning😒) For me just walking to class and not driving, taking the stairs, you see where I’m going? I REALLY had to push myself because I physically did not feel like it. Afterwards I was glad I pushed because it helped. The next day I had to reminded myself how good I felt after, and used that to push. Do what you like to do. The benefit, you’re revving up your metabolism for hours afterwards. I run high after a meal. I’ll walk around if I’m out or work on the never ending chores around my home. That’s just an example of how I try to handle the “ruts.” The reason I think this happens, our bodies are constantly changing from one minute to the next. One day I have a good numbers day, the next I’ll do everything I’d been doing and I still run high. Give journaling a try for a wk to establish a pattern. See if you’re doing something different you might not even be aware of.
I’d like to hear how you’re doing and how you’re getting on​:+1::+1::+1:

Hi jazmin!
For your high blood sugars, since it’s repeating, I think that you should give yourself a little more insulin. That’s what I do when I am high all the time. Also for school, I have experienced the missing a lot of class so what you can do is you can take your glucomener with you to classes. Also, certain foods make your sugars go high so if your eating the same thing for breakfast, I would stop eating that. I hope this helps you with your problems.
Good Luck!!!

This sounds like me too, except I’m expected to go to class because people don’y know how much I struggle with management. I’m not exactly sure what to say since we’re in the same boat, so I guess just know that you aren’t alone (cheesy but true). No matter how hard it seems for you to manage, no matter how mad you get at yourself for not doing better, understand that everyone’s troubles are different and that every suggested advice might not work, and that if you reach out for help from a parent/doctor and you don’t get a solution that works for you, keep pushing. Nobody will every 100% understand you because they aren’t you, but the sooner you find someone who will empathize with you instead of put you down for ‘not trying hard enough’, the quicker you physical and mental health will heal. Good luck, and remember that your heath comes before anything else.