High b12 and wbc

I’ve been a T1D since 2012. Ever since 2014, my b12 levels have been steadily increasing to the point where it has been over the maximum normal level for the last year. My WBC count has basically doubled since the same time (the level is just under the max normal range). I don’t supplement with any B12 products, and attempt to limit foods that tend to have strong levels of the vitamin as well (although, excess B12 is excreted per the doctors). I don’t do b12 shots. All of my other tests, including my liver and kidney screens, are all normal. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I’m trying not to be a hypochondriac, but it seems that the medical team I see on a regular basis is not taking this seriously… Just trying to figure out if this is something that others with T1D experience as well.

hi @dmannone,

it is more typical for people with T1 to be deficient in B and D. every other year or so I supplement B and D during the winter, b12 came up really fast and your body can store a year+ worth, D hovers around low normal.

sorry I can’t help - hope your team figures it out and you are ok.

Thanks Joe. Your response about T1D people normally having B12 deficiencies kind of confirms that something else is going on with me. My endocrinologist agreed, and my primary care physician is sending me to a hematologist. Pretty soon, I be seeing enough doctors to start my own softball team (this one makes 6).