Help! Fundraising Ideas?

I am doing the Accu-Check Cyclebetes Provincial Relay from September 6-8th this year, and am wondering if you guys have any good fundraising ideas.  I will be biking across Alberta in those two days, and all the money will go to JDRF.  I need to raise a minimum of $2,500.  If you have any good ideas or anything that has worked in the past, please let me know! 

Ok. One good idea is if you know anybody at the police department, ask if they can put a jar in there. That helped me raise alot! Another idea is, ask local schools to help, they can probably make annoucements to the kids to help. Antother idea is, during the summer, make posters and say what cause it is for. One last idea is to ask any local businesses to give 10% of their daily or 15% of there weekly profit to you. Well there you go!

Great thanks:)!

You could try to set up a community event like a dance or a potluck. Something that will draw alot of people but doesn't cost much money. You could have those who attend pay a small entrance fee but ask them to donate more if they can.

Tell me how all of those idea's work out for you! I would like to see the results.

Bake sales and car washes are good too!  A bit labor-intensive, but if you get a group of people doing it togther, it can be a lot of fun!

We have done a chili cook-off where the entrants pay a little fee and supply a crockpot of chili and then people purchace tickets to taste each one as many times as they'd like to buy tickets for. Taste sample is in a dixie cup and then the tasters get to vote by putting thier tickets in a jar for each recipe. It could be any kind of 'cook-off', bar-b-que, apple pie, etc. and is best done at an already congregated group (church, club, etc.) Best wishes!

Car washes are my favorite..not too hard, have all your friends and family come help you out so you're raising money and just hanging out and having fun at the same time!  I usually sell tickets ahead of time to friends, family, and people around town as well.  Most people just buy the ticket as a donation and never even show up.  We usually raise at least $1000 so it's not that bad.

We did silent cake auctions at the hospital where my mother works.  We raised at least $500 all three times with having anywhere from 12-15 cakes.  You could do this at any place that allows it. It gets very interesting to see it come down to the last minute and I have seen cakes go for over $100.

We also did a raffle that collected over $2000 and the prizes were donated.


Thanks everyone, these are really great ideas!  I will have to hold off on a car wash for a while, it was -22 F here today... sigh:(.  At least the bike isn't until September so I have lots of time this summer.  I was thinking I would get a bunch of those silicone bracelets (like the LIVESTRONG ones)  and give them to people who donate, as well as sell them at the local Diabetes Education Centre here and maybe a few other places.  I am trying to think of what to write on them though!  I was thinking just putting FIND A CURE on the outside and For Type 1 Diabetes on the inside but there has to be something more creative, any suggestions?

you can order blue bracelets from the JDRF website. or the ADA. you pay i think $35 to the organization for a batch and can charge people whatever you like.

i've raised the most money by "selling" the paper JDRF sneakers  at a local pizzaria. if you know local business owners you could try something like that. we asked for $1.00 per sneaker, people wrote their names on them and we hung them on the wall. mant people donated way more than $1.

You might try a letter campaign.  Write a letter describing what you're doing and why and send it your family, friends, business associates, etc.  Include a form they can use for a tax donation (your local JDRF chapter can help you with that).  You can also contact your local businesses.  Many have budgets for charitible donations.  If you have them in Canada be sure to hit up every Walmart and Sam's Club in your area.  They are very good about making donations.  Ask your local sporting goods stores, bike shops, etc. if you can put a donation can next to all their registers.  Just be sure you go by regularly to collect the proceeds.  Hope this helps.  Good luck!!

You could contact a local representative for a home party type company (silpada, pampered chef, scentsy...) Not sure what companies are popular/available in Canada, I am an independent rep for Silpada and we do fundraisers all the time.   You would invite your friends/co-workers/family to your house or office for a party, and the company rep, would give you all or a portion of their profits from the show, and the rep usually keeps the free jewelry or dishes that are earned.   Hope that helps, Silpada also donates a dollar for every jewelry polishing cloth that is sold to the JDRF (that is why I joined with them).  



you could have a contest. you could have people pay to enter and have a prize donated.