Help Anyone?

Does anyone know where to get donations for g5 sensors and tandem supplies. My daughter is low on supplies and with it being the new year our insurance coverage isn’t paying anything until we hit out of pocket. And these two iteams are really important to her she has had better control ever since she was diagnosed.

If anyone has any help to offer you can contact me at

Have you tried calling Dexcom? If you’re low on supplies because sensors have failed (fallen off early, for example) Dexcom will probably send you some for free.

I don’t know about donations, personally, but I think it’s come up in the forums before. Try searching “dexcom” or “donation.”

Good luck

Where are you located? There are often local T1D groups where you can post to see if anyone has extra supplies.

I have already looked locally and someone advised for me to look here . I’ve even asked my child’s doctor and nothing I’m running out of options.

If you’re unable to find Dexcom’s, have you thought about trying the Freestyle Libre? Now it dues not have the alerts some of us rely on, and you have to swipe periodically to see the numbers. But out of pocket costs would be less than four Dexcom. 1 Freestyle sensor lasts 2 weeks and cost is around $120 for two. I can’t recall what the price for the startup kit is, which contains the receiver. Prescription is required.

With my child I’m able to fallow her numbers and make sure everything is ok that’s why I’m trying to stay with the dexcom.