Hello my name is Sarah and I'm new to Type 1

I am ten years old and was just diagnosed on July 7, 2012.  My dad thought I had the the stomach flu because I couldnt stop puking. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance with IVs everywhere and I almost died.  I have learned that simple things like being hungry and overly thirsty were because of diabetes not because it was hot outside. 

Id like to meet other kids to share their experiences and see if there are similarities. I have good days and bad days and it would be nice to meet other people who experience this too :(

My sixth grade daughter has it too. I will see if she can contact you. Do you ever play on Woozworld?

Dear Terry,

I have never heard of it but i will look it up....  Thnx



But i play Fantage, webkinz, animaljam, clubpenguin and i now play wooz world ill tell u my user


It's probably too late for this summer, but next year ask your parents and doctor about attending diabetes summer camp.  It's the best!  You get to have lots of fun and meet other people with diabetes.  

There's a book you might like called "Getting a Grip on Diabetes" by Spike and Bo Loy.  They are brothers who got type 1.  Not all of their medical advice may apply to you, but they've done a good job living good lives while dealing with diabetes.


Yes i do now and i am woozen-28208127

I will tell her about you. I think she knows someone else there with type 1 also.

We can't find you by number. We need your screen name.

Hey Sarah, I'm 14 and I was diagnosed with Diabetes 3 years ago. I know it's hard for you right now and it'll probably get harder throughout middle school. Trust me it's been hard for me and it's still hard for me now. So if you wanna talk more or wanna ask any questions lemme know., because I don't want you to feel like your alone on this. :)

thanks ill friend request you and follow

U seem nice