Having highs if not eating frequently

My son has been very well controlled since his march 2018 diagnosis. Until recently we have noticed if he is not eating every 2.5 or 3 hours he has a rise. slowly up in the 200s and it teeter around 250. He is 5 so very active and we try to be consistent with when he eats and what he eats. We have cut out foods that we notice cause delayed reactions. I have heard reducing carbs during meals?

Hi Stacey @staceybartleyandrade, I’ll open by offering you a Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation. And I’ll invite you to continue visiting here and suggest that, if you have not yet, to check out JDRF events and meet people in your same position - see "Events TAB at the top of this page.

I’ll start of saying TypeOne can never be “controlled” but that it can be well managed - also, insulin dependent diabetes is practically never a static condition and glucose reading appear to change from day to day without any apparent reason. I’ve been able to manage my diabetes quite well for the last 40 years of the more than sixty years since I was diagnosed,

My first recommendation [strongly] is that you talk with you son’s health care provider for guidance. I haven’t met your son, but I would suggest that he may be arriving at the point where his body has completely stopped [ay least for a while] producing insulin and that his insulin doses need to be increased. In the “Resources” above, read about “honeymoon period”. I also suggest that a lively 5 year old boy needs a lot of good, nutritious foods, so don’t withhold what he needs to eat but rather increase insulin to cover.

I don’t know what insulins your son uses or how he/manages day to day monitoring and insulin doses and timing so I won’t yet make suggestions there - I’m not a medical doctor although I’ve helped teach some.

Good luck to you and your son - post and message here for any concerns you may have.

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If you are seeing a constant rise with fasting blood sugar, you may need to increase insulin (long acting or basal).