Good news i think-Medicare- Omni Pods

New Medicare rules came out and starting 1/1/19 Name brand drugs will no longer be in the do-nut hole and as of 1/1/20 Generics will be out also, no more Do-nut hole. According to the reports I have seen it looks like our co pay will be %25 of cost and it seems like the “Tier” for drugs is no longer…Since Omni Pods were put in the drug category, conceivably our cost could be $125 a month if Insulet is using the $500 a month cost. In addition supposedly the drug co. are going to lower their prices. I sent an e-mail to Insulet to verify, haven’t heard anything yet. Before this news came out I filed a complaint with the Civil Right Div. of HHS stating discrimination on our Omni Pods due to age and Disability, before you sue the feds you have to file a complaint., I did and now I have to wait. Hopefully the feds will put it back under a DME heading… Keep your fingers crossed.