Glucose Spray and ID advice please

Hi, we are going on a family holiday soon and my son , T1D for 5 yrs, now nearly 18, will be coming too but hanging out with his friends mainly while we are there. His friends are also going with their families , they do this annually, and the parents tend to do their thing and the kids do theirs. Their (the kids, well 18 year old kids) plans will be sun bathing, clubbing etc. I am well prepared for this and as much as it terrifies me, I know that I too have to allow him his freedom and be able to join in too. He is a great kid, quite responsible but can lapse too, like anyone else. The last time he went away on a such trip in March to Iceland he did unfortunately suffer a seizure. I want to do my best , him too, to ensure this of course isn’t repeated. When he had the seizure his teacher rubbed gel into his gums etc and it brought him round. I wondered if on this occasion my son carried a glucose spray instead. I think his friends who are well informed of his condition might be more comfortable administering a spray if, god forbid, it happened again. Has anyone ever tried a glucose spray? Do they work?
He doesn’t like wearing ID anymore do u think it is reasonable of my husband and I to insist that he wears ID for this holiday?

Hi there, national health organizations and health professionals recommend wearing a diabetes medical ID at all times. You’re right to think ahead and plan for unforeseen emergencies, they can happen anytime regardless of where you are and who your companions are. A medical ID is a simple tool that can give persons living with diabetes and parents like yourself, safety and peace of mind. Just thought we’d ask, why doesn’t he like wearing his medical ID?

Hi and thank you for your reply. My son wore his medical ID for approximately 3 years without fail at first, then one day i noticed he wasn’t wearing it. He hasn’t worn it since. He said he doesn’t like it, so I suggested other more trendy types, getting your own choice of jewelry and a T1D engraving on it perhaps. But unfortunately its still a firm no.
For our holiday I think I may insist as he will be apart from us a lot of the time due to many of his friends being on the resort at the same time as us.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

I’ve never used a glucose spray–I’ve always had either tablets or gels. In a seizure situation, the gel tubes can be squirted into his mouth–it may get messy and he may spit half of it out all over himself, but getting anything in there is better than nothing. I would suggest his friends do that AND call 911. Do not expect the gel to work on its own–still call for help.

As for a medical ID, sure you can insist that he wear it while away. It’s not an unreasonable request, but just know that once he’s away from you he may take it off anyway. Personally, I’ve never worn a medical ID in my 32 years of T1. However, I am open about my diabetes and everyone around me knows that I have it—family, friends, coworkers, etc. If he’s not going to wear an ID, stress to his friends that it’s important to tell any first responders that he has type 1 diabetes. Is he on a pump? That’s kind of a dead giveaway that you have diabetes too.

I do keep a medical ID card in my wallet behind my driver’s license so that it can be easily found if I am ever alone.

Hi and thanks for your reply-appreciated.
Interesting that you don’t wear ID…yes I agree he may well take it off as soon as he’s out of my sight. He, like you,is very open about it and yes all his friends that he hangs out with are aware, so that’s good. I like the idea of a medical ID in his wallet…i shouldn’t think he will mind much about that one.
No he is not on a pump. But he carries a kit with him…that’s a giveaway too hey!
ok thanks again, and best wishes to you :slight_smile:

I have had TID for 50 years and have never worn ID, my family constantly reminds me of that. The reason I do not wear one is,I refuse to advertise my diabetes. I know this is so stupid, but I understand your son on this one. Yes! When people know you have TID or they even ask you that’s fine, but to advertise it that’s another story! This is just my opinion I know, but not atall good advise. He might make this decision all on his own one day as he gets older, hope he will be much smarter than I have been. Good Luck!!

Thanks of that Mary, we have now returned from our holiday and he decided he wouldn’t wear ID. He is almost 18 (days away) I cant MAKE him wear it. Anyway, he took reasonable care of himself on our holiday which for him included 5 out of 7 rather late nights and some drinking. I can’t say I was relaxed about it, but I know i have to let him go and allow him to do what his mates are doing. He was very good at keeping in touch with me on his late nights out so i was happy with that. Best wishes to you :slight_smile: