Getting ready for colonoscopy

I had to take 2 gallons of a liquid prep, which the doctor prescribed with a lemon-lime flavoring. I assumed it was sugar free, which may have been a bad assumption, but nothing ever said what it had, or that it wouold be flavored.

I will have a talk with the doc after the procedure, and if he doesn’t know if it had sugar, I am going to chew him out royally.
My CGM readings were above 400 for about 8 hours, and I could not pull it down.

I don’t know, but maybe preparing for a colonoscopy puts the Type 1 system thru the ringer. I will try to do more research.

You would be right to be royally pissed off if your doctor prescribed a liquid prep containing sugar. I had a colonoscopy a few weeks ago and I was concerned beforehand that the anxiety around trying to keep blood sugars stable would push them up but thankfully they were ok. I find it so much harder to pull blood sugars down than it is to get them up.

Hope the procedure went alright. Take care.

I’ve had a couple of colonoscopies and I believe that the “purge” drink didn’t contain sugar, or very little sugar. Anxiety and stress will greatly elevate BGL and if that is so with you, compensate with extra insulin and do not suspend your pump.

For my first, I reduced basal flow considerably and that was a mistake - the procedure had to be delayed while a bolus lowered my BG. Second time I kept my pump at 100%, including my 5 AM sharp increase in basal rate, and everything was really good. I’ve had several surgeries and always keep my pump pumping whenever under.

It is so much easier using Suprep, there are just 2 6 oz. bottles to drink and they are sweetened with Sucralose. To deal with the fasting, I set my basals to 70% which took me a bit higher than normal but it is so much easier to correct than trying to bring yourself back up and not “stain” the results.

The purge drink does not contain sugar. I had the opposite problem. Despite setting my basal to 70%, I still had low blood sugar all day and had to drink regular 7-up and lemonade to bring it up. Prompted my doc and I to do basal checks and lower basal rates.

My doc had me on that God awful clear food diet the day before which wrecked me worse than the prep. (A couple ducolax and a bottle of Miramax in an hour!) I agree, stress is probably the culprit. Btw, when my bgs go too high, I set temp basal of 20% higher than normal, usually brings me down within a few hours

No, it isn’t stress. I have had 3 colonoscopies back to 2012. This is the first one where I received a lemon-flavored prep. Before was always non-flavored. I am going to pursue this off line, talk to mfgrs.