GAD antibody test results

Do you remember your GAD test results when diagnosed with type1?  How about now?

My son was diagnosed 4 years ago and his GAD was  0.17   , all other tests came back negative and his A1C was 10.5. He did not lose weight, but did drink lots of water and urinated lots for about 2 weeks before we took him to the his pediatrician where he was sent to the ER and was diagnosed with type1.

A couple of months ago his GAD was 2.5.   and his other anti-body tests were negative.

We all got tested and my husband tested positive on GAD and does not have diabetes(neither type1 or 2).

do you remember your GAD #s at diagnosis and numbers now?

any comments on families having positive GAD and no diabetes.





Hi Sandra, Do you mind telling me what GAD results are? Do these relate to anti-bodies they test for to see if you have T1? I have 2 friends who were dx'ed 10 years ago as adults, and drs just saw if T2 meds worked, and if not, "You have T1!" This must be new?

Hi Sarah,

I posted this in Aug. then had some clinical trials and had to leave out of town.  My son was diagnosed with type1 on 6/2004.  At the hospital his GAD came out positive  .17   and the INSULIN negative.  No other tests were done which upsets me.    During his honeymoon stage on 8/2004  his GAD was  32.3 (positive)  and all other antibody tests were negative.   In 2008, his GAD was  2.5(positive)  and INSULIN negative.      Now, in 8/2009 his GAD is NEGATIVE and all other antibody tests ICA512 etc are negative.    The only test that was ever positive was the GAD and I can't quite understand why he was diagnosed type1 with only 1 test, the GAD test positive and it was very low values...almost at the threshold.

Do type 2s also have GAD positive?  My son is 9 years old and all his antibody tests are negative.  Can't understand.  His endo told me it only takes 1 test (GAD) to be positive to determine he's type1, even though the other tests are negative.  It's hard to believe.



i even looked up GAD tests and am still confused. (funny thing was..this thread totally showed up on the first page of results on google!)


this is the only website i found with actual information on it that wasn't just a thread post from a diabetic forum:

*got dizzy trying to read it all and understand* i stopped about the fourth paragraph in..

I've never heard of this, so I did what I always do, googled it. This is the website I found the most information on this topic.


My question is though, is this for Type 1 or 2?

well, I guess we all have to do our homework.  GAD stands for Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase and is a test to see if antibodies exist and are directed to the pancreatic islet antigens.  This test is performed as part of other antibodies test to see if you are type1.  My confusion is that I've heard this test is not accurate.

I don't know if type2s take this test as well.  This test is done from a blood sample.

when you guys were diagnosed type1 this should have been part of the test.  Check to see if you have the values or if your current endo had down this test.

I'm still confused over my son's diagnosis, as how they determined he's type1.

I'm going to graduate from the University of Google soon. Yeepi!

This is another website that explains what GAD is.


I just went over all my lab results from as far back as I could and I find no mention of GAD at all.

From what I can gather from the internet it is a test that is often done to determine if someone is at risk for T1 or LADA.

I didnt have that test done either. They just did a urine test, BG, and an arterial blood gas. That was almost 10years ago though, maybe this test is a more recent thing.

Thanks to all who has responded.  I will keep you guys posted if I find out more info.  Let me know if any of you also find out anything.