Frustrated... when are you really "ready" with T1?

Hi everyone, this is my first post on these message boards.  I am really frustrated and stressed out about getting to the point that I can try to get pregnant!  I’m 34 and have had T1 for 17 years, and have been on a pump for about 5 years and just got a CGM.

About a year ago my husband and I decided we wanted to TTC this year, so I have been working hard at getting my A1C and weight down.  My A1C was 7.4, and I got it down to a 5.9.  I lost 10 pounds to put me in the “normal” range, kicked my diet coke habit, and for the past 3 months I’ve been taking prenatals.  When I first started all of this, my OB told me that I needed my endo to sign off before I got pregnant and then she would send me to a perinatal specialist after I was preg.

Earlier this year I found out I had retinopathy (pre-proliferative), so I had laser treatments in both eyes (7 total) to prevent further damage, and was told to wait to get pregnant until that was done.

Now, I feel ready… but have been reading about how tight my control needs to be once I am pregnant… so I went to the diabetes clinic with the intention of working on my post-meal blood sugars and tweaking my pump settings.  The diabetes educator who saw me said that I should not consider getting pregnant until I have seen a kidney specialist and get an EKG, as well as going to a perinatal specialist.

I asked my endo about this… and she said… “well…. that isn’t a bad idea – it can’t hurt.”  I wish someone would have told me this months ago, because these specialists aren’t available for over a month.  I am kind of at a loss… I feel a little like I could keep going to doctors forever before they finally give me the OK… and like I have been jumping through hoops, and it is still not enough.

My question (besides needing to vent –sorry for the long post) – did you see a perinatal specialist before TTC?  A kidney specialist?

Thank you!

I first got pregnant one month after being diagnosed with type 1. I was hospitalized with ketoacidosis, that was how I was diagnosed. My a1c was like 12. I lost the baby at 14 weeks. No one ever told me about pre-pregnancy care or anything.

Sorry, I accidentally posted before I was done! I got pregnant 6 months later with an a1c of about 9. Carried to term and had a beautiful healthy 8 lb. 14oz. Girl. 22 months later came her baby sister. Also healthy, 9lbs 11 oz. My a1c with her was 5. My doctors never told me that I would need to “prepare” or plan my pregnancies. They didn’t encourage birth control either. I used condoms when I got pregnant the first two times and natural family planning the third time.

i got pregnant on accident...I'm 27 weeks along and had an A1C of nine and NO intention of getting pregnant when I did. So far I have had a very healthy pregnancy, no diabetic complications at all to this point. I think that all the stuff they are having you do is nice to be precautionary.... but plenty of us out there have not done all these things, or even planned the pregnancy at all and are doing or have done just fine.

Hi! I am a Type 1 diabetic for 16 years and currently on a pump for 2 years. My husband and I are also TTC. For about a year now I have been to many specialist with the encouragement of my high-risk OBGYN and Endo. I've seen a cardiologist and had an EKG and Echo, Had an eye exam and worked my Kidney doctor. All three specialists signed off on me getting pregnant. My A1C is now 5.9. All these are precautionary to ensure the smoothest pregnancy. It is your choice and I was it was only suggested to me. I did them again as a precaution bc I am nervous about this first possible pregnancy. Good Luck!!

Gosh, now I feel like I am not prepared now! I don't A1C is low, had my complete physical, eye exam current, bloodwork is normal and healthy, on a pump and CGM, so my endo and CDE said I can go ahead and try! Now I'm a little worried.... =S

Kelly, your A1c is good, you're on a pump and CGM. Sounds to me like you are exactly on the right track to being healthy, what worries you about getting pregnant now? I saw 2 different endos and both gave me the OK to get pregnant. They strictly wanted my A1c under a 7.0 (lower if possible) before getting pregnant, and they recommended an eye exam, but those were the only requirements I had to meet. They also encouraged me to get on a pump, I started OmniPod pump therapy, but I am not on a CGM. When I got pregnant my A1c was a 6.7, it's now a 6.5 at 28 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has not exactly been "easy". I had terrible morning sickness until about 20-21 weeks, I had a stage of insulin sensitivity between weeks 12-18 and I recently started the insulin resistance, which I struggled to get under control for a little while, but it's doing much, much better now. All in all, my OB says my pregnancy has been very healthy given that I have T1D. I haven't had any severe complications so far. I have had like 7 ultrasounds and had 2 specialists look at them and there are no birth defects detected at this point. My OB believes that I am completely healthy as is my babygirl. And as hard as everythings been, it's SO worth it at this point. I remember going thru the morning sickness and thinking "OMG, why did I do this?!" LOL But now everytime I feel my babygirl kick or roll over it's SOOOO amazing. I am so glad that I did get pregnant. I would never take it back. It's been a lot of work, but everyday I get closer to her arrival and I can't wait to hold her in my arms! Completely worth it!

Hi, thank you for the replies everyone.  I ended up seeing a perinatal specialist last week, who put my mind at ease, and I am not feeling as stressed.  I also trust her more than the diabetes educator who I think was just reading something off of a checklist in a book.  I am sorry if I caused anyone more worries than they already had!