Freestyle Libre Tips

Hi there, I’ve been using the Freestyle Libre 14 day system for several years and love it. I take insulin shots, no pump. I tried Dexcom G6 for 3 months last year and had multiple problems with defective applicators, error messages on reader plus endless waiting time on hold trying to reach Dexcom customer service, so switched back to Freestyle.
Tips: 1) Freestyle is inaccurate during 1st 12 hours (warm up period) of new sensor. You can work around this by buying a 2nd reader. Apply & start the new sensor at least 12 hours before the old one expires, using the 2nd reader. Rely on the old sensor during the warm up, as it’ll be much more accurate. This avoids the finger prick testing during the warm up period. If you can, allow a 24 hour overlap to be sure new sensor is accurate. My endo taught me this trick !
2) Abbott the manufacturer (# 855 632-8658) offers coupons to patients who have high copayments. These might also work for those in high deductible plans or without coverage-call and ask.
3) Check sensor each day to ensure it’s attached & not coming loose. If it is, use medical tape to make it adhere. If too late and it’s detached, call Abbott for replacement.
Hope these are helpful !



Joanne, thanks for the tips!
You may not need the 2nd reader if you have a phone with NFC. Always start the sensor with the reader - you can than scan it also with your phone and have two working devices collecting the readings (just in case). This comes in hand also when starting a new sensor - you can start the new one with the reader and continue to scan the old one with your phone.

Are your freestyle libre readings reliable when you do sports?
I find it pretty useless when I run ;/