Freestyle Libre read with phone?

I started the Freestyle Libre a month ago (love it btw) just wondering if anyone has heard if phones will be capable of acting as the reader soon. I know Europe has some backdoor app on android phones. Just curious if anyone knows something. Thanks!!

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Annie @Ambryan, there is much in the pipeline now, I suggest that you check in with Abbott and find out directly if the model you use is “connectable”.
Abbott, I believe, uses the universal communication protocol.

At the end of the article there’s a section about phone apps.

I have an iPhone and I have downloaded an app that works hand-in-hand with my current FreeStyle Libre system. It is on the app store called “FreeStyle LibreLink” and the icon is yellow showing the white CGM. I still use the meter that it came with to compare and contrast with the phone’s reading (sometimes they’re similar, while other times they’re a little off). One thing to definitely pay attention to and remember: when changing the CGM site, make sure you scan it with the original meter FIRST, before using your phone. If you use your phone first, you won’t be able to use the original meter at all until your next CGM site change. I made this mistake once and it wasn’t all that beneficial for me, especially when I left without my phone or went somewhere not having access to check it automatically.

I didn’t even get the reader. I only use my iPhone. Also love it, btw. It is usually more accurate than the Medtronic CGM was, which I used for 10 years.

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@BeeGee I see! I saw where they have an Android app for the FreeStyle Libra system for the phone. Is that what you are using now? Many people say the Dexcom G6 is more accurate, but I think they all work in their own ways.

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I have an iPhone. I never used the Dexcom, only the Medtronic CGM. The Libre is so much cheaper and last for 14 days. I had a couple that didn’t read accurately, but I called Freestyle and they replaced them. I love all the charts and graphs that the Libre app offers too! I started eating keto in February and my blood sugars are so much better that I went off my pump and started using insulin pens. I feel so liberated!


I have an update. I’m hoping to switch to Dexcom because the Libre is completly inaccurate. It reads, on average, 40 mg/dl lower than my meter. I trust the meter because I would know if my blood sugar was 40 instead of 80!

I had the same trouble. Loved the ease and no alerts but the accuracy was a deal breaker. I switched to Dexcom about a year ago and love it. I’ve found it very accurate and little effort. You can silence most of the alarms too. Good luck!

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@Ambryan I have considered switching to the Dexcom. I have heard so many good things about it. The pros definitely outweigh the cons!