Football practice

Football has always been a thing i enjoy and now that i have diabetes i am worried that it

will ruin everything. Ever scence i got diabetes i have been out of shape, i was going on a

excersise program that i came up with myself and that didnt work out at all complete falure

so i was wondering, is football going to be harder for me know that i have diabetes?


Yes, you will have one more thing to think about if you decide to play football.  I know there are several HS football players on here, so I am hoping they will chime in…  You are going to need to get the hang of what your body will do, how/when you’ll need to eat to cover the activity, how you’ll need to adjust your doses/basals, etc. – you’ll need to test on the sidelines as you have a moment or between drills, keep some kind of fast acting carbs around, etc. – And you should probably clue your coaches in to what you need to do and why.  Face it, eating is mental workout with the D, as is activity and when you add in emotional ups and downs and getting sick, it can really make your head swim, however, the more you do, the easier it gets.


My recommendation is that you work to build good habits by making sure you are testing as often as you need in order to keep your sugars in range and to know what changes you need to make.  By all means, have fun!  I can promise you, it is worth learning how to manage diabetes around the things that are important in your life.  The main things you will not be able to do are the ones you don’t keep trying.






OK. Now before I get started, please not that I haven't played football on a team. Yes, I've played it before. And yes, I've also played other sports (baseball, basketball, 10 years of jazz/tap/ballet/hip-hop/moddern :) dance classes).

With diabetes, I'm more of a runner than anything else now. Why? No clue; I just love running and exercising. Whether it be playing football or running, the key to doing well both in the sport and with your diabetes is just be aware of what is going on. Diabetes hasn't hindered my running abilities or speeds. As a matter of fact I've gotten better at running, etc., since being diagnosed.

Definately, sports will be different with diabetes than it used to be. Will it be harder or will you be any less of a player? Not one iota if you don't let it be.

Good luck, and I really admire your confidence to keep playing even with diabetes.

Let me know how it works out if you will,

it shouldnt unless you are worried about your diabetes every second. you need to just focus on the game, unlss u have a low or high. just remember, HAVE FUN!!