Food sensitivity / allergy

Turns out i am one of those blessed food allergy/sensitive people. after I was diagnosed with diabetes allergies have slowly started popping up to different foods. Hives, mental disturbances (milk), and wickedly high blood sugars, 400s, that wont drop until I take a Benadryl (it appears that my body won't use the insulin until the irritant is out of my system or it is treated with an antihistamine.) 

This array of sensitivities/allergies  are causing me to have to reevaluate my diet yet again.

I'm trying had to figure out what I need to get out of my diet in order to stabelize my sugar. I have already narrowed down Milk (all of it, cheese, whey, yogert, ice cream, chocolate... you name it gone.) Wallnuts, and shellfish (something I woudn't eat often anyway) and some beers (lagers in particular)

And I am hoping that there is not anything else allergy-wise that will pop up.

While I have cut all these from my diet- I am still very frustrated by all of this and people insenuating that is is my fualt that my reaction is so bad becasue I cut these things from my diet in the 1st place! >,< grrr. (I am also looking for a good comeback for the jerks whom say this)

Is there anyone else out there finding this true for them selves?

Or is there anyone with suggestions on how to better deal with these issue?

First i recommend going to an allergy specialist.  They can test you to find out exactly what your allergic to and help you weed these things out fast.  I would also reccommend trying lactose free milk, and milk products if you do enjoy them.  Lactose is the most common allergen in Milk and milk prducts, you remove it and usually your good.  Soy milk, lactose free cheese, ice cream you name it they got it.  People who seem to think its your fault for removing these items are very mistaken.  Your reactions are bad probably in part to the recent diabetes diagnosis.  This is common, in fact Celiac disease is common with diabetes, as well as lactose allergy.  Your reaction would be worse if you didnt cut these things from your diet, and even if the reactions were not worse your blood sugars would put you in the hospital.  So the question to them is are you allergic to this food?  no? well then how do you know how a body reacts to this allergy?   or ask if they are an allergy speialist, and if no, then how do they know?  I like to pull a similar question to people who try to tell me what i can and cannot eat being diabetic.  I ask them how long they have had diabetes, (usually they dont) when they say they don't I tell them then how do you know what I can and cannot have?  I'm diabetic, I have been for x amount of years, I think i would know my diet better than you.  Then just turn and walk away...its amazing how long someone will stand there speachless when you do  But i do highly recommend seeing an allergy specialist just to get your allergies narrowed down so you have no confusion about what is causing your reactions.

Turns out that I am allergic to Casein. Here are all of the things that have been relieved since I cut all milk from my diet.

  • Psychotic episodes
  • able to suspended anti-psychotic drugs
  • ADD symptoms
  • High blood sugars
  • eczema/ Hives
  • Pain throughout body
  • Dense calcium deposits in muscles
  • $300 a month treatments for ALL of these symptoms
  • Failure in school

 I am thriving, ah and for those of you interested in this allergy check out this link for some more info.

As for discovering allergies, I really don't trust blood tests for allergies, they are a good starting point for getting an idea about what you are allergic to but are not very accurate. I really believe in a reductive diet for pinpointing allergies further.