Lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant

Hi. I have had diabetes for nine years now. Within the past two years i have developed first Lactose intolerance and this year i am now gluten intolerant. I also may have gastroparesis. I would like some advice on what I can eat. It is very hard to find foods to eat without lactose and wheat. I can't have oats rye barley grains dairy no vinegar so salads are out, no acidic foods like oranges or lemons or limes. I eat alot of veggies but most meats bother me because of the fat and i can't have processed meats either. I need help big time!

With salads, I usually eat spinach salads and use fruit instead of salad dressing.  Usually strawberries, but any berries tastes really good, and you can use other kinds of fruit too.  Also you can make smoothies without the yogurt.  You can just use fresh or frozen fruit and ice in a blender.  Not as rich, but still good!  Can you drink soy milk?  You can get protein this way, as well as eating nuts.  I am not sure if there is an organic food store near you, but I find they have a lot of gluten free and dairy free foods.  Hope this helps a little!


I did a WildRose Detox a while ago and follow their recomended diet, which is completely dairy free and has no fermented products they also have a diet for get rid of candida.  I become a follower of their diet, since it is really easy and generated results.  Check it out at their website for WildRose Detox.