FMLA and camp

Our 7 year old daughter was just diagnosed in April and my husband and I both work full time. I have applied and have been approved for intermittent FMLA so I have used this for appointments and the flu (yes, she got the flu 2 weeks after diagnosis). We learned fast what a sickness is like with diabetes:(

My daughter just joined the dance company at her dance studio, and they have a week in August for dance camp- 5 days that are each 8 hours. Here comes the question…I imagine we need someone with her there, as they will eat lunch and have snacks, and because it’s exercise and we don’t know what her levels will be like. Has anyone ever used intermittent FMLA to attend camp with their child because of diabetes? I’m not sure what the options are! Any help/ advice is greatly appreciated!!!

Hi @Steff1081 Stephanie! Welcome to TypeOneNation.

I think your instincts are pretty good. The extra exercise has to be watched because it can lead to lows if you don’t reduce her insulin.

Probably the right thing to do is get an appointment with her CDE or Endo to discuss a strategy around this new temporary deal. If you can’t, then it’s my opinion to reduce her insulin and have carbohydrates ready and test more.

No I never took leave for this but if it’s available to you then why not go and learn because she will likely want to continue her interest in dance. Good luck!.