First week of diabetes

Hey there! I can’t say I’m happy to posting here, but I am excited I’ve found this community to talk with. I am a newly diagnosed T1D, my diagnosed day was September 6, 2014. I’ve just cleared the first week of having this disease and it has been hectic. My first night on insulin I experienced the oh-so-fun of hypoglycemia, quickly we fixed it, but we were given instructions of dosing 10-15 units per meal, and to stay on the fixed scale. The next day I went to work and followed my pcp instructions and ended up dropping to 47mg and had the paramedics called to my job! After a stay in the hospital I finally got to go home, where I hid out for 4 days because I was scared to go to work and leave my safety bubble. I finally met with my endo, he stated and talked with us for 40 mins, treated me like I was his only patient and made me feel like I could do this, I am beyond grateful that he’s now part of my care team. I finally went to work the next day, and have had a few hypos, but I’ve been trying to make the best of it, and the sliding scale for carbs to units is helping. Then yesterday no matter what I did I couldn’t get out of my hypo. I left work early and called out today, it’s so hard to explain to someone who isn’t involved how tired I get, emotionally and physically, when my blood sugars won’t behave. I ate everything I could, drank juice boxes, and I still couldn’t get it to raise up. I’m here on this forum because I need to have a betes buddy, someone who understands how this feels. The uncertainty is exhausting, and the surprises are draining. I’m testing before each meal or snacks, 2 hours after, and when I wake up and before bed. I’m following my endocrinologist’s rules about 15:1 for breakfast and lunch and 12:1 for dinner, I track everything and have read enough to fill a library, but knowledge of my disease is not giving me the type of support I need. I’m upset with people around me who treat me and this like it’s not a big deal, like my whole life hasn’t changed. Like diabetes is something that I can fix by eating sugar free and walking more. I don’t know anyone with type 1, and I feel alone, I know I’m not the only one, but I feel like it. Hopefully I can forge some new friendships with people who understand this from the same place I do. I know I’ll keep on truckin and I’ll gather all the courage I have to face another day as a newly diagnosed type one diabetic.

I know this is all new and shocking. So many variables – stress; getting married; your body may be still making some insulin; but you will get it!!

I am glad you found an endo that spent time with you. If your insurance covers it you may want to talk to a CDE and a RD for more support as you figure this out.

I can certainly say that this site is very helpful and you may want to check out too.

I hate lows!! I carry candy every where I go … and when hiking by the BAG! I think my lowest low was about 25 … but what happens to me is I overdo it and 20 minutes later it’s 200!!

You should have a glucagon shock kit for extreme lows … I have them but have never used them. Your Endo should have provided you with a couple of them.

Take it step by step and you will get it together! I am sorry that you were diagnosed with T1, but DON’T FEEL SORRY - you did nothing wrong! We are all living our way through our disease!


Did you ever get things settled?
My son was diagnosed last month and it has been tough to get him settled with no lows. The beauty in his situation is that he doesn’t have to go to a physical school so we’ve been able to work with the endo to adjust his ratio. Being able to stay home helped us learn his body’s cues too. We are almost to the one month mark and he can almost guess his number before the machine. One big thing that I did learn this week is about those carbs for lows just before bedtime. It is very hard to get an active boy’s sugar above 100 for no lows during sleep so I ask the nurse; 8 carb that are protein. That spoonful of peanut butter before brushing teeth and tucking in just might have me catching up on sleep. Another possible reason given for his lows was a possible “honeymoon phase.” I hope yours was as easy as making those carbs contain protein for longer stronger energy in your body.


i just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last week. I am an itnernational student, so being away from home here in college and having to deal with diabetes is kind of scaring me. My sugars have been in control since I got out of the hospital and I am trying to get adjusted but it is just so overwhelming and I am lookng for ways to find strength and support in college.

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