Finding a babysitter who is familiar with T1D

Hi! My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with T1D on October 2016. I live near Manassas Va and was wondering if anyone has suggestions on finding a babysitter who is either familiar with Diabetes or has it. I would be looking for someone who can drive and would be willing to do evenings on occasion. Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Check out You can post an ad for a babysitter in your area and put in your ad exactly what you are looking for - such as “familiar with T1D”, etc. It does have a membership fee but its worth it in my opinion. Have used the site personally. Good luck.

Thank you! Do you know what the membership fee is for

Have you tried contacting someone from your local JDRF chapter? Or maybe your Endocrinologist? I am 17 and was diagnosed 11 years ago and babysit for a few kids in my area who were referred to me by the people at our chapter. My parents are also part of a facebook group for local parents of kids with T1D so it might be worth seeing if there is one for your area, that would probably be an easy way to see if there are any babysitters familiar with T1D in your area (who would also come recommended by other parents of T1D kids so you would know you could trust them.) Hope this helps! it’s for sitters/parents in need of or wanting to babysit. You could also call the local high school to see if they have any T1d’s that are interested.

Thank you! I appreciate the suggestion! I will reach out to the local chapter and see if they have any suggestions!

Thanks Ingrid! Do you have to pay a fee for Safesettings? That’s a great idea to contact the high school!!

I personally have never needed to use it so I’m not sure although it states in their site that they are not for profit. I have a 14 year old DD that I was interested in babysitting. I am not a t1d but I got my 1st babysitting job in Jr. High thru the guidance counselor. I’m sure they could follow up with the school nurse and pass your information along if there are any t1d’s in the school system. good luck!