Financial Assistance for Insulin Pumps

Does anyone know of any financial assistance companies, etc. that can help cover the cost of a new insulin pump? We do have insurance, but even with that the cost out of pocket can be quite high. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:

hi @marleysdad my first pump cost me the out-of-pocket for DME and it was about 1,000. i remember at the time that medtronic would have helped finance that amount in the form of a zero percent payment plan. Sometimes a pump company may assist if you can’t afford it but that may vary with the different companies.

I would call the bigger providers such as Medtronic’s Minimed, J&J’s Animas, and Insulet’s Omnipod and see what they say. There might be medicare assistance available I don’t know your situation.

I would also consider your monthly costs - pumping is very expensive because you have to buy consumables such as Pods, or infusion sets and reservoirs. These consumables can end up costing more than the pump (over time) because they need to be changed every 2-3 days. Each manufacturer’s consumables may be covered differently by your insurer. good luck.

Medicare covers DEXCOM…but not Medtronics