Fennel Food for Kings and Queens- A Great Low Carb Snack- What Have You Tried?


Always on the search for tasty low carb snacks.  You can add fennel to the list.  It has a wonderful licorice taste and is wonderful eaten raw or cooked and can be thrown into tomato sauce or soups for added flavor.

Kings and Queens of France and England fell in love with it.  Thomas Jefferson imported fennel seeds from Italy even before the Declaration of Independence was written. 

You can roast the white bulb, slice it toss in olive oil and bake it in the oven.  It will taste like sweet onions with a little crunch.  Chop the bulb and green stalks and use as a base for tomato sauce. 

It is a great snack for children or anyone  who tire of having the same old vegetables for snacks. 

What other exotic vegetables have you tried to cook to add that special zing to meals ?

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Bring roasted fennel to a dinner party.  Spread a herbal cream cheese spread on it as you would do for celery.  You can also spread peanut butter as you would on celery.  It makes for some really good finger food at a party.