Feel like I’m failing

Hi all:
I hope everyone is doing well during this everlasting pandemic. Hoping to get some insight understanding, motivation etc. I am usually very much on top of my life my diabetes my health etc. I’m not sure what it is but the past couple months I feel like I am losing my battle to type one. My A1 C went from a 6.2 to a 7.0 at my last visit. I haven’t been up to a seven in a REALLY long time so that was quite upsetting. I also just cannot maintain a consistent healthy lifestyle which as we know, impacts my sugars. I lost a couple pounds that I gained i feel like I’m gaining back and I’m just not used to not being able to overcome things and I’m starting to feel somewhat hopeless and like I’m being defeated. While yes, I can tend to be overly hard on myself the numbers don’t lie so here we are.:persevere:

You are doing amazing! Diabetes is hard and there’s going to be A1Cs that are great and times when it’s not the best. If it makes you feel any better at all, I’ve hardly ever been out of the 7s (never higher than 7.5, but still more elevated than I wanted to be.) I just had my first a1c at 6.7 after 15 whole years of diabetes. My doctors have always told me that even if your A1Cs are in the low 7s you’re doing a good job at control. Don’t beat yourself up! Diabetics are people just like everyone else and there are going to be moments that are unfortunate and rocky and they can affect our blood sugars. Just know to have that control is absolutely incredible.

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Don’t be too hard on yourself! If you are too hard on yourself you will have a negative mindset and that won’t do good on your or your blood sugars. You are doing good! Diabetes is hard to control so don’t blame yourself for having a high A1C. It may be hard to control your glucose right now but I’m sure that with time you I’ll be able to gain control of it again. Just don’t give even if it gets hard! Keep trying and think positively and you will see that soon things will get better. My sister who has type one had a time where she would have a high blood sugar for most of the time. It would be very stressful and it would stress her out a lot as well. However by excercising regularly and by checking in with her endo for insulin adjustments she’s been doing better. I’m sure you will too! Find what’s best for you and your body! Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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HI @Mlp1124 I agree with the above but wanted to add that a1c is a terrible way to keep score. I know it is the standard of care but I don’t see a running monthly average as all that informative. 7% is still the ADA guidelines for good control. Let’s put it this way… it’s 7% not 9%.

The pandemic and isolation are causing anxiety and depression, in everyone, everywhere, to some degree. Now is the time to figure out new ways to take care of yourself, especially if you can’t get to the gym or do the things you really enjoy. This last month I haven’t been outside much, for a bike ride or just walking due to the weather. it impacted my control. my a1c is also up, but I consider myself successful - because I am still alive.

and from one human to another, burnout is real and it is necessary to reevaluate where you are and where you want to be. not to be used as a club for your head, but as a suggestion, please be gentle. What would you say to your best friend who was feeling this way?


I get where you are. We don’t like it when we feel like we’re going backwards, even if our numbers are not that bad. I’d suggest treating yourself to an activity you like several times a week. For me, that’s walking outside near water. Also, if you haven’t had thyroid levels checked recently, I’d suggest that. What you’re describing is typical for me if my thyroid med needs to be increased.

Thank you all so much for the insight and positivity. I definitely need it every once in a while from people who can relate and understand what I’m going through. Very grateful for this forum.


@Mlp1124 Give yourself a pat on the back!! You are doing a great job! Diabetes is crazy and being at 7 is what diabetes can mean sometimes.
I have felt exactly how you do and have had the exact same experience. Going from a 6.2 to a 7.0 is not the end of the world. It only took me 2 visits to get back to my normal 6.3 a1c but being at a seven and wondering “what happened”. It was a wake-up call. It made me think about my everyday choices and recent events in my life.
Something you might try (That worked for me) is to think about what happened over the last 2 or 3 months that might have affected that. Were you Sick? Did your schedule change? Was your activity level less than before? Was there a stressful event or time? For example, Covid. You may find that there were a lot of changes in life and give yourself and your body the time to adjust to the changes. You got this!! Give yourself time and don’t worry too much! Easier said than done, I know, but I truly believe that you can do it. Please feel to reach out if you want to talk.


Thank you! And yes I did have quite a few changes including going back to work after almost a year. I know that definitely does not help with my sugar because I do not wear a pump and it’s not always easy to get up and go dose myself especially in the beginning times of a new job.

I agree with everyone else - a 7 is still really good! I run 7-7.5 and that’s just where I’m at in life. I want for better, but my efforts get me to the low 7s. I know it’s hard not to put a grade on your control, as that’s basically what an A1C says - but the truth is, it’s just a gauge. Perfection isn’t possible - give yourself grace.

Thank you— I appreciate the response

I do not have a pump either, I still do finger stick and insulin shots, so I can see where you are coming from, you got this. It is okay to see changes in a1c because every day is different, every month is different, every 3 months is different. Life is unexpected and so is diabetes. Something that I have been reminding myself of is that if we didn’t have diabetes, our a1c would probably still be a little different every 3 months because even a non-diabetic pancreas and body are going to have challenges. I hope that makes some sense!!

I’ve been diabetic since 1990. I spent at least 25 years hovering in the low 7s. And I’m fine with that. I’m in my earl 40s now and have no signs of complications yet. I’m still able to live my life and do and eat what I want. Just doing the best I can.

If you’re not happy with where you are right now, that’s okay, too. But diabetes is a long haul. A few months is just a blip in the decades you’ve got ahead of you. You can get back on track and it will be fine.

But I’ll tell you… Two years ago I went from manual injections to a pump & CGM, and even though I’d been in fairly good control with a steady lifestyle, my A1C immediately dropped nearly a full point when I made the switch. Having the pump respond to your needs every 5 minutes is far more accurate than taking shots 3-4 times a day. It’s not for everyone, for all sorts of reasons, but it’s been an improvement for me.

Few diabetics share the same experiences and even for a diabetic themselves, they have stages where things are not consistent or working the same. Stress, diet, sleep, altitude, and exercise are some of the variables and sometimes multiple variables influence things. I found that if I don’t maintain a moderate amount of exercise, my insulin requirements change. I discovered that altitude (I ski and sometimes hike at altitude) can have a significant effect. Diet is an obvious. If you are not carb counting to determine appropriate insulin dosages, you can be off. Technology can really benefit you. I have been a long-term pump user, which helped, but when I added the Dexcom CGM this also improved things. What really had a dramatic effect was the combination of these with Looping, an app which manages your diabetes with consideration of insulin absorption and food intake. If it makes you feel better, i was almost never under 7 (HA1c) until Looping and my doctor is delighted I am now under 7 routinely. 6.2 would be Nirvana and something I am not sure I have ever achieved!

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Thanks for the response, and yes you’re correct it is a Long haul for sure. I wear a cgm but not a pump which I do not want at this point. Just going to continue to monitor and be a bit more aggressive when necessary.

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Thank you for sharing!! Yeah 6.2 was by far my best but clearly obtainable for me so the disappointment was real :persevere: either way focusing on monitoring and treating more aggressively going forward.