Favorite person/idol with diabetes

For those of you who don't know, I'm a bassoonist and am very involved with classical music.  Recently I took my bassoon in to the shop for maintenance and somehow my mom was talking on the phone to the repairman and revealed that I had diabetes (along the lines of "maintaining bassoons is like trying to control blood sugar").  He said that the principle bassoonist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, David McGill, has had type 1 diabetes since he was a kid which I think is so cool because I thought I was the only bassoonist with type 1 in the whole world (bassoon is not the most common instrument, lol), never mind the principle bassoon of the top orchestra in America!

Who is your favorite person/idol with diabetes and why?  This guy is definitely my favorite.  Bassoonists are awesome!

Halle Berry&& Nick Jonas (:

Ron Santo I guess.

nick jonas:)

RON SANTO!!!!! i love the cubs!!! YAY CHICAGO!!!!!

 i also like halle berry, and bret michaels. nick jonas and elliott yamin too.

some famous diabetics:  http://www.diabeteshealth.com/read/2008/12/17/5681/famous-people-with-diabetes/



Just found out Randy Jackson is diabetic!

The whole Team Type 1 RAMM team for their fantastic accomplishment in last years race. #1 team.

And, Kyle Rose, who is racing and training in France to get on the Elite Team Type 1 Professional bicycle racing team. The are shooting for getting in to Tour de France in two years. Go Kyle.


Mary Tyler Moore,She made me laugh for many years with her shows.Then she gave me a light to follow when my daughter got type 1.She is just wonderful to me with all the work she has done ! :)

I agree that Mary Tyler Moore seems to have done the most consistent advocacy work for t1 / JDRF over the years.

When I was younger I loved Brett Michaels / Poison b/c of the whole T1 thing.

I am NOT a fan of Halle Berry after she said her healthy eating cured her T1 and she not longer needed to take insulin WHILE pregnant. Fine, if she doesn't need insulin anymore, but she needs to be honest that it means she was misdiagnosed as to the type. I eat lots of healthy food, and surprise, surprise, still need to take insulin!!!

Sarah,I was thinking the same thing-just didn't want to say it.I have never understood where she is coming from.I like her as a the good person that I am sure she is.But please make it clear if you are type1--that would be another voice for us.

Missy Foy--runner, I look to her and what she's done for inspiration to do well when I need it.

All of your answers are awesome, but i Agree with Joe the most!!! ....All of you older T1 diabetics are more inspiring then you could ever imagine to us!!   My baby is only 6yrs old and when i can come on to this site and see people like Joe and other diabetics who are so much older than than daughter and they are healthy and showing us "new-be's" YES A LONG HEALTHY HAPPY LIFE CAN BE DONE!!"  Those are my true Idols (not the ones on tv or getting paid to say they have diabetes)....So, Yes, Joe you get my vote

i didn't know that about halle berry obviously she was not diagnosed correctly bleh thats sad she should be more honest! (:


ron santo too


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Come on, you really didn't have to tell us that! Kidding!

wilford brimly

Sonia Sotomayor, for being a tough and focused T1D.

hmm. i don't have any diabetics i look up do/admire. i am a cubs fan, but that doesn't make ron santo my idol.


just because someone lives with diabetes, in my eyes, doesn't necessarily mean i want to be like them. i live with it everyday and know what it's like to struggle--so (for me) idolizing a diabetic seems pointless because they aren't doing anything different than what i'm doing. they just happen to be famous and i'm not.

my ex-bf's mom.  she had diabetes back in the good ol'days.  got on a pump before either of her pregnancy and has two healthy "kids" who are both adults now.  her a1c has been under 6 for more than 10 years...and other than the diabetes, she's an awesome person too!!!