Extra pockets on the inside of sweatshirts

Soo me and my friends have been finding that with almost all of the new sip up hoodies and sweatshirts that we get they put two inside pockets in them.. my friends always say" what the heckkkk" they arnt complainng they just think its weird since they just started doing it and i tell them "they make it for diabetics that have insulin pumps so they can put there pump in there and nobody even knows that have a pump" and they just laugh but even thoo they probably dnt make the extra pocket for pumps i like to believe they do.. i loveeee these sweatshirts with extra inside pockets because its a perfect place for my insulin pump at night and during the dayy :)

Anyone else come across these??

I have come across those sweatshirts, I do have one and i really never thought of it for that but have used it for that before. I think that are cool when I come across a sweatshirts like that.