Exercise Equipment

We bought a treadmill for my teen 2 yrs. ago--at first she used it often...not anymore.Has anyone else bought exercise equipment -that just sits in a room unused now ?

Or-do you use your exercise equipment often ?

I bought a Total Gym, used it for 2 weeks, then it set in my apartment for almost 3 years before I finally got rid of it. :)


We bought two things:

- The Ab Lounge - I loved the Ab Lounge, but we have a smaller-sized house. If we had the room for it, I think I would use it today.

- Wii Fit - Oh boy, talk about easy and fun exercise (OK, I know it's not "real" exercise. But, for someone who usually sits at a computer for most of the day, any movement is good). I had a great routine going when I first received Wii Fit. Then, I lost my job. I spent all of my time looking for a job and trying to make ends meet. So, I haven't returned to the Wii Fit, yet. I believe I will soon.

I hope to get a rowing machine, soon. I found one that is a 2-in-1 (rowing machine and cycling machine). It's pretty compact and it's something I enjoy (I think that's key to any exercise).

We have an elliptical machine (a really nice one) that we bought over 6 years ago. It sits mostly unused. I am coming up with fewer excuses though as our basement remodel is close to finished, so I actually would be able to get to it without crawling over 10 boxes) and I weaned my youngest so now I don't have the 'fabulous nursing weight loss plan' to fall back on. ;)

I think it is pretty common to have unused equipment, my husband also has a weight bench that I can't think of the last time he used it either.

I got Wii Fit thinking I would use it all the time... not so much.  In fact, when I do get on it, it reminds me of how long it's been since I last worked out.  I don't know why I hardly use it because it is fun (I really like the hula hooping and yoga) and those it's not an amazing cardio workout, it is better than sitting on the couch watching TV. 

Since I know myself, I'm not willing to invest in more exercise equipment like an elliptical or treadmill because I know it would just become a dust collector!

I use the free public roads for running pretty much everyday.

I have some very dusty ankle and free weights around the house somewhere...another sacrifice for continuing education.