Driving with type one diabetes

Hey so I am 17 and I have my permit! I already have passed drivers ed and everything I just need to take the drive test for the state and then wait till the 6 months to be up haha less the 2 months togo! but anyways is it a good idea for me to have a dash cam in my car so that people can not just say oh it is your fault because your diabetic and blood sugar is high even if it is not… should I have a dash cam to help protect my self?

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Hello. You probably won’t need a dash-cam. But I would keep candy/food/money in easy access when you will need it. Trust me, you will. I would also start testing right when you get in the car or right before you leave, just as a safety precaution. By the way, Congrats!!

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I agree with @patel41480. I don’t think the dash-cam is necessary, but definitely have “just in case” supplies in the car, and test before driving, especially for long distances. You can also get a “wallet card” that indicates your Diabetes in the event of an issue, or getting pulled over. Police are trained to respond to a diabetic emergency, so don’t be afraid to tell them! Not to worry, though, if you test and take care of yourself, your Diabetes will never get in the way of safe driving! Congrats on the permit! Driving is fun!

I know I already have todo that but I am talking about when I don’t have to drive with my parents… I don’t want someone to get away with hitting me because I’m diabetic… thanks for the advice!!

Maybe if you are that uncertain about your driving skills and your “inability” to properly manage YOUR diabetes, you should completely reconsider driving.

I have driven safely for 60 years while managing my diabetes and never give others reason to doubt my diabetes management - and considering that the first 30 years of managing diabetes was when the fastest blood sugar lab test was “next day”. Before you get behind the wheel, or operate any machinery, learn to recognize when your BG is “out of range” - and recognize such events WITHOUT depending on any electronics.

Don’t contribute to giving PWD a bad name.

In California the DMV is taking a hard line on IDDM (requiring doctor letters, extra road testing, etc) due to the perception that people drive with low bg and get into accidents. I always test before driving and have easy snacks within reach. Please drive with safe bg levels always.

im not uncertain about driving I just want to be able to back my self up IF someone hits me… I am a very carful driver because I love driving…

I know I don’t drive if my BG is over 250 and I am usually around 200 because even though I compensate for everything my blood sugar is constantly around 200

Great question! I’m 15, just got my permit and T1 is definitely an annoying extra factor to consider. Do you have a CGM? I just got one and it’s been super helpful because it alerts me if I’m going too high or low so I can pull over and treat it quickly. If not, just make sure to check your BG before you get in the car and you should be fine. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

I dont have one yet but I am getting it hopefully at the end of December… well according to med Medtronic. but that date (month :confused: ) has changed 3 times since I got the new 670G… haha but I do check before I do drive.

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Yeah, they manufacture the CGM in Puerto Rico. Then the storm hit. Last I heard, Jan/Feb is the time-frame… But it will completely wipe any concerns you have away. I have been using it for about 3 months now, and by blood sugars are consistently between 90 and 130. No one will get away with hitting you because you’re diabetic. It’s one thing if you are driving while low, but if your BS is in normal range, there would be no way they would know / it would affect your driving skill.

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I have gotten a email from them that i will be receive mine around the end of December. but I am one of the first people to receive it because I was one of the first people to get and receive the 670G

Yeah, me too. I got my Guardian3 CGM in August.I’ve had the 670 since March.

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I just got the update and I will be getting my CGM and transmitter on Wednesday the 22nd but it is with 3 day shipping so ill receive it before that most likely

I work as a claims adjuster for an insurance company and the way it works, at least in my state, is whoever hits the other person is at fault, 99% of the time. If you hit someone it will be your fault, if someone hits you it’s their fault and that’s how the police and insurance company see almost every accident. If they say that they hit you because of something you did, then they would have to prove it and if diabetes even came up they couldn’t prove you were high or low at the time of the accident t. Unless you are impaired by a high or low blood sugar then there would be no reason to let the anyone know you have T1D if you don’t want to. Honestly, as long as no one is seriously near-death injured or died, it’s do everything you can to not hit the other cars or anything, and they’re supposed to do everything to make sure they don’t hit you or anything else. Other than the possibility of low blood sugars on the road, which you should prepare for, you aren’t any more of a liability or more at risk of being deemed responsible for an auto accident.
Congrats on getting your permit! Drive safely!!!


Tucker, if someone hits you that usually means it’s their fault unless you do something like stop in the middle of the road for no reason… once you start driving regularly you’ll see it really is no big deal for us T1D peeps. Lots of people drive with some type of disability every day. Just because you have T1D does not mean you will automatically be blamed for an accident.

Yes sounds like a good idea, anger issues?? Who is saying a problem ismdue tomhigh glucose? Younjust trying toprevent am problem? I knowI am easy toanger when myglucosemin high and of course my gluycose rises due to manger and mbadmsituations.

Like others have said, if you do get in an accident there is no way that anyone would suspect you are diabetic UNLESS you are medically impaired at the time.
I must confess that I finally went on CGM d/t totaling 2 pickups (2 different occasions) due to Low blood sugar. Thank goodness they were single vehicle incidents, only the ditch and truck were damaged. However, ran into hassles satisfying Medical Review Board that I could safely drive.

Im sorry and I am glad that your okay but so far I have had to shut auto mode off due to while sleeping my blood sugars were rising and the pump not giving me enough insulin. when I eat before bed I make sure that I compensate correctly. so there is no reason for my blood sugar to rise and having it wake me up all night long with notifications. so after I shut off auto mode and resumed my 24 hour Basal my blood sugars have been lowering…

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I need someone I can text or something any time I need to talk about the 670G with sensor that they also have a 670G with the sensor so can you please message me! thanks im just concerned with something