[DOWNLOAD] Newly diagnosed with T1D? Here are some helpful resources

If you or someone you know has been recently been diagnosed be sure to check out all of the JDRF toolkits available to you.

Here are some toolkits just for the Newly Diagnosed!

Toolkits for parents of children just diagnosed with T1D

School Advisory Toolkit, which helps parents and educators work together during the school year. Request a School Advisory Toolkit here

The Bag of Hope, a bag filled with materials to help you and your child become more educated about T1D in the beginning of a diagnosis. It also includes Rufus the Bear! He comes with a book, and helps your child learn how to inject shots and finger pokes! Request your Bag of Hope here

Toolkits for Adults just diagnosed with T1D

T1D Care Kit, If you are an adult that was just diagnosed with T1D this bag is just for you! Just like the Bag of Hope for children, It provides you with a bag of goodies but, geared toward adults! Some of the items included are measuring bowls, carb counting books and other educational materials essential for people that have just been diagnosed. Request your T1D Care Kit here.

The Adult Type 1 Toolkit is another great resource and it is available for free download! It is a guide that helps adults on their new journey into unfamiliar territory. Request The Adult Type 1 Toolkit here.


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