Does my 2 year old recently diagnosed qualify for SSI

My two year old son was recently diagnosed Type 1 in December and I wanted to know if this qualifies as a Disability. I can no longer worker full time and need to care for him 24/7.

Hi Dawn,

First off, I just want to say that I hope you’re doing well despite the circumstances of your son’s diagnosis. If you have questions or just need support, there are a lot of great people on here that can provide that.

With that said, from reading resources from the SSA (here) and online (here), it seems like diabetes needs to cause significant damage either in the way of complications or by preventing the individual from working to make a case for SSI. The former link is specifically concerning SSI for children while the latter focuses on SSI and adults with diabetes. In short, just from an overview of what information is available, you may stand a shot if you won’t be able to work for the next 12 months strictly because of this Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. That assumes, however, that you’re eligible in every other way. Because in reality, only the SSA can tell you if you’re eligible, and if you’re serious about it you might just have to apply and (probably) appeal to see if you can get a decision in your favor.

I hope this helps. Perhaps someone with more first-hand experience with the process can add their input.

Thank you so much that was very informative.

Hi! Google a program called Tefra or Katie Beckett option. We are located in South Carolina, but your state may have a similar program by another name, although I think it’s a federal program. It was originally started to keep special needs children at home with the same care as families could give, rather than keep them in an institution. There are several criteria but having a chronic illness requiring 24/7 care and a child having no earned income are the two that will get your child qualified. My grandson, who lives with his single parent mom, and who makes just above the limit for her to qualify for Medicaid for him, did her research and applied and he was granted Medicaid coverage through the Tefra program.

Thankyou so much that is very helpful we are actually trying to move to laurinburg north carolina or gibson north carolina so that is very helpful.

Your very welcome! It sure took a big burden off of my daughter’s shoulders.

Hi Dawn,
Yes if you are under a certain income bracket. It is decided by how much income and how many people are in the home. If you have Medicaid for him you can also get WIC for him.

My son was diagnosed at 18 months old and we decided that the best thing for us was for me to stay home with him. We had called to several daycare facilities before coming to this conclusion (like Learning Care Group (Tutortime, Childtime, La petite Academy ), Goddard School, and Kindercare) every place told me they do not have the resources or the staffing to care for my son. I am here for you if you want to chat.

You will have to sign up for SSI disability on the internet for your son and they will contact with questions by phone, then they will do an in person interview, then once you are qualified you will have to send in copies of income each month and set up an account at a bank in your son’s name as you as the co-person on the account. They will also want to know if you have assets etc.

He is able to get it until the age of 5 years old.

Thank you so much I appreciate you reaching out to me. Yes I am going to be staying at home with him as well. I have a scheduled phone interview.

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That is wonderful. I hope everything goes well.

I live in California and my daughters doctor’s have recommended me to go get it they said they cover children till the age of 6. I know that personal income can affect how much you will get for your son but any amount can deffiantly help.