Do You Think Wendy's Made a Mistake with Its Diabetes Fundraising Promotion?

We ran an article this morning on Diabetes News Hound about a promotion from the fastfood restaurant Wendy's that was aiming to raise money for diabetes research by selling coupon books for its very sugary frosty products. The push did raise significant money for charity, but some have criticized it as misguided because of the focus on the sugar-filled drinks. Check out the full article here.

Do you think Wendy's should change its approach?

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Personally, I think any attempt, by a large chain to raise money is good.  I also think it's smart to promote an item that's a big seller and that people will actually go out to buy.

Secondly. diabetics nowadays can eat sugar (and everything else), assuming we're talking about T1s.  Yeah, maybe it's healthier for T1s and the rest of the world to not eat sugary treats, but is it realistic to think that everyone's going to stop eating the things that aren't healthy?  For a diabetic, as long as you bolus, and eat mostly well balanced meals, what's the big deal?


This is a situation that kind of makes you chuckle.  I mean fast food places aren't exactly known to provide health food staples.  On paper it seems like a backwards way of raising money but I'm all for it.  According to the article they have raised a nice amount of money on this promotion alone.  It is a popular item and they came up with a way to fund a cause through it.