Diziness - exercise-related?

Hi all! Just looking for your thoughts. My husband was diagnosed with T1 about two years and a half ago.
For the past few months he has complained about dizziness. It seems to come and go and it’s worse when he is sitting down. He says when he’s out and about he doesn’t feel it. He’s very active - exercises on the treadmill 5x a wee for 60 min, usually runs 5ks and says exercising helps as well. It’s not hypo-related, he has a freestyle libre and is usually within normal ranges when he feels it. I worry it may be stress but I worry more it may be something else. Just wondering if anyone else has felt it, esp athletes? Any ideas guys? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Tx.


how old of a guy? did his doctor put him on blood pressure medicine recently? (everyone with T1 eventually goes on an ACE inhibitor eventually because the medicine has a “side effect” which protects us from kidney damage)

There are times when I am a little dehydrated when I also experience this kind of feeling - but i also have allergies and when my sinuses are swelled up I also feel dizzy.

I suggest he brings it up to his doctor - just to be sure.


How are his vitamin b, vitamin d and iron levels? It’s possible that this is not diabetes related and he has vitamin/nutrients deficiencies.

Personally speaking, i take vitamin d every day. I used to take b and iron but my levels have gone up.

Good luck!