So, my 9 year old daughter was just diagnosed about two weeks ago. We are poking along one day at a time (no pun intended!). We had a family trip planned next week to Disneyland and feel very strongly about still going because we want Joy to know that she can still do all the amazing things she has done before. That being said, I am in a bit of a panic as to how to handle all of that! Just wondering if anyone might have any tips? Thanks!!

Hi Sue - not sure if you’re staying in hotels or just going for the day, but there is a lot of good advice on the Traveling with Diabetes forum on this site. That’s where I found out about the FRIO insulin cooler bags - which we used to take our son (7 years old) on a pre-planned trip about 3 weeks after his diagnosis. There are other good tips on there about checking that hotel freezer sections aren’t ‘too cold’ (put a water bottle in overnight as a test while you keep your insulin in the FRIO).

We had no trouble getting through airport security, but you’ll want to follow the guidelines on the TSA website just to be safe.

Disneyland has always been very good about letting us bring in outside food, so if you’re daughter is picky you’ll want to make sure you have extra carbs that she will eat in case she doesn’t like the food in the park. We always have a “go” bag with a test kit, glucagon, 4 oz juice, 15g crackers and cake gel that goes everywhere my son does. So bringing a backpack into the park will be key!

You’ll also want her wearing a medical ID bracelet too of course. With all of the walking, you’ll probably want to check BG more often and plan for giving her extra carbs that day to counteract the exercise (if needed).

I have the “Calorie King” app on my phone to look up carbs, but I think most of the Disneyland restaurants can provide you nutrition info. (You may want to check the park website if you haven’t already!)

Good luck and have fun!