Disneyland Trip

We are going this summer to Disneyland and my 3 year old daughter has the diabetes.  Can anyone shed light on getting the special access pass?  Do you need a doctors note?  Anything about this pass will help?  Any good ideas or tips for dealing with the diabetes at Disneyland?  Thanks for your input.



Hi Rhett,
We used the pass a few years ago and I'm not sure if they still offer it. When we went, we got the pass at City Hall in Disneyland. We did not need to show anything,you can always show all your equipment you have with you! At California Adventure we got the pass as soon as you walk in on the left is a customer service center. The pass allowed us to go to the head of any ride line- a definite plus in the summer! As far as any advice I STRONGLY suggest keeping hydrated! Even when you think they are-keep drinking.We learned the hard way when my son Scott who is on the pump, wound up with keto acidosis due to dehydration. He had been dialing insulin in for the highs but it was not working. We have since found out that when a diabetic is dehydrated, as soon as insulin is delivered-it basically evaporates!
you need to use a needle to go deeper to get the insulin delivered.
I'm not sure if your daughter has the pump or not. If she has the pump make sure you also bring a Novopen or needles with you as backup.We travel a lot and we always bring a pen and needles JUST IN CASE. You should also keep the insulin in a small cooler with a cold pak and take this with you. Bring snaks and your own food if you want-its cheaper and easier to carb count too.They don't like people bringing food in( loss of revenue) but when you explain its a medical need-its fine.
Enjoy the day, make sure she has a medical braclet or some other ID on her-just in case.Bathrooms are clean and testing should not be a problem. Disneyland has made some improvements as far a food choices go too-they have some healthy choices now.One thing that always bothers me though is that it's more expensive to buy WATER than SODA! Freeze some bottles the night before and bring your own and refill from the water fountain. Just my personal opinion!
Have a great time, don't let the diabetes overshadow your day-its just a part of it... your daughter will have a great time and  you will both learn that it's managable  and you can have fun!
Carol mother of Scott diag. 2001-now 14!

My husband and I took our son who was 3 1/2 at the time and had only been diagnosed for 3 months last August.  We went to guest relations and tried to get an access pass.  We informed them that he was type 1 diabetic and showed them his Medical ID dog tag.   We explained that he was on medication which required a strict testing and eating scheduled.  They told us since they have the Fast Track pass that they do not have special passes for Diabetics allowing a shorter wait time.  You can get a Fast Track pass at the beginning of the line for an attraction or ride and if gives you a ticket that tells you when to come back for a shorter wait time.  We went around the end of August on a week day and there were not very many visitors at the park.  The only people I saw that got special access were in wheel chairs. 

I would check with Guest Relations when you go just in case there is a bigger crowd when you visit.  Having a doctors note probrably wouldn't hurt.  I had more luck at SeaWorld in San Diego getting a special access pass for the rides.  I show his Medical ID with my sons name that indicates he is a Type 1 Diabetic and it works there.  I wish Disneyland would have done the same. 

Hope this helps!  If you have any luck please post it and let us know.  Have a great time!




We are taking our 4 yo this summer (and his two brothers).  Check out www.allears.net .  There are some great tips (even some humor) and they also mention a book Walt Disney World with Disabilities.  The biggest thing I've heard is to pack lots and lots of supplies!  Have a great trip!

We took our 8 year old son (Type 1) last year to Disney and inquired as to any special help that may be available - and there really wasn't any.  They advised us, too, about the Fast Pass.  He ended up doing okay - except for one VERY hot day and VERY crowded day.  He dropped fast and we couldn't get into a store fast enough to buy anything.  (We had snacks in his kit - but my husband was seperated from us for a moment.)  That was not fun.... :(  Just be sure to be ULTRA-prepared - and make sure your son has ID on him.  We were stopped once because we had brought outside food into the park in his kit. 

All in all, though, it was a great experience.  Diabetes should never have to stop your child from doing anything! :)