Did you ever torture your siblings

So here is the story.....

My little brother used to annoy the crap out of me. My mother will even tell you he was always meaner to me than I was to him......until one day.

It hit me about 14 (I was diagnosed at 10)....that I had a perfect weapon for my brothers attacks on me. My needles and finger sticker pen. Heheheh

He was poking me in the shoulder in the car literally saying "Am I bugging you, am I bugging you, am I bugging you" over and over again as he poked me in the arm.

I whipped out my finger sticker and told him if he touched me one more time I was going to poke him with it.

He didn't touch me again for about 6 months. Ahh....the power I felt was wonderful

ohh i did that once but to a kid at school, not a smart idea.

Ewww yeah....sure that got you a quick trip to the principals office.

My parents yelled at me too, but they also thought it was kinda funny....so I didn't get in too much trouble. Plus, I never ACTUALLY poked him with a needle or anything. Really wanted to some days though.....

[quote user="stephsalem"]My little brother used to annoy the crap out of me. My mother will even tell you he was always meaner to me than I was to him......[/quote]

my sister is the same. instead of my mom noticing, it was my sisters friend and she said that i would try to be nice but my sister replies with a rude comment. what a mean but awesome friend!(i say that because she said that i was better than my sister (the meaning of what she said))

me either but i dont remember what happened as a result of doing that. i think i was told to put it away and that was it.

i wish i could say the same thing but the sister that i dont get along with isnt scared of needles :(.

yesterday my sister wouldnt let me doown the stairs and i had my needle and i took the cover off and pointed it toward her from half a meter away and she ran down the stairs to tell my mom that i was going to poke her with my needle!

haha.. this is funny.
I have a similar story to the lancet devices, it just didnt happen with a sibling.

One year at Diabetes Camp,
there was some new counselers,
one of which was bugging me the first 3 days of camp,
On the 4th night, I had enough of the picking she was doing,
when she called me over to do bedtime checks,
We sat on the floor,
she handed me the lancet..(the disposable ones that HURT!)


Seriously thought I was gonna get sent home that night,
but she left me alone the last 3 nights!

(btw, that woman loves me now!)


^Hahaha :D

^^ lol

Alisen, that is hilarious!

Also, I just make my little brother get me juice when I'm low.

once my sister wanted me to test her and i pricked her with the lancet device at level 9 instead of like level 1 or 2..hahaha and she was like OOOWWWW why did u make it go so deep?!!!!!!?? and i was like mwahaha..and i did the same thing to my cousin but only on a 4 and she ran outside screaming..it was hilarious!!

oh Steph that is funny but must of hurt them .