Grrr omfg ;(

how do i shut my lil brother up!!?!?!?!?

punch him

I had 2 little brothers and one was great and the other is, I don't know let's just say he's where my poop comes out! LOL  Just my thoughts! If I let (key words I let!) anyone get me mad or upset, I am giving them power over me! Not good for me. Not easy to do, it took a lot of work on myself. Mind you I am 55 now and it was about 30 or so, I figured what to really let in my head. Oh, and still learning!! ROFLMAO

ive been babysitting my siblings sice i was like 10, the best way to shut mine up is feeed theemmm! they are like vaccums, they eat FREAKING everything!! or read them a book, that always keeps them quiet or the best time of all is nap time(:

Video games haha ;) should turn him into a zombie.